New Band Aid Song

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Didosdadsdogsdead, Nov 19, 2004.

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  4. This must be the most Bone Poll on arrse......get a life DDDD

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  1. Worst thing since Macca and Wacko Jacko got together :twisted:
  2. Band Aid Remake Banned From Radio Station

    "A remake of the Band Aid song "Do they know it's Christmas?" has not been
    well received when aired on a Welsh radio station. After playing it once,
    the Pembrokeshire Radio banned it from the airwaves - permanently.

    DJ Keri Jones said she was "amazed at the response from our listeners", who
    in general described the song as rubbish. It was then decided that the song
    would never be aired again. The new version included artists like Robbie
    Williams, Bono and Dido."

    Bloody Hell, the Welsh have taste.......who'da thunk it? :wink:
  3. It's absolute shight - they should just have re-released the original.
  4. As the majority of aid recipients targetted by this abortion are Muslims, a better title for it might be: 'Do they give a feck it's Christmas?' :D
  5. it is absolutely shite, what were they thinking of? if it goes to No 1 itll be because people want to give cash to the charity rather than people thinking that the songs any good.
    whats with all that bloody rapping??
  6. Nice one Chickenpunk :D

    Yes it is shite!
  7. What is the point in helping muslims overseas, if we save a million, thats just another million who hate the west and all non muslims. Muslims want to overthrow the Gov't in every country they live in and replace it with an Islamic dictatorship then you have to convert to Islam or die.

    I don't and will never give one penny to any charity that spends any of it's money on muslims.
  8. If you buy this shite it is the same IMO as buying ammunition to use against our lads in iraq, every penny that goes to muslims in aid means the muslims can buy more wpns and ammo instead of using it to buy food etc.
  9. possibly not true, but its a great reason for not buying the bloody thing.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Give me Girls Aloud, apart from the fat Yorkshire Bird! Oh and the GWA scouser!
  11. But enough of a chance for me not to give anything to any charity that gives anything to muslims.
  12. I guess Bob Geldof decided that the slush funds of his tinpot African dicator friends whom he helped so much last time around were getting low & they needed a direct cash injection. Hence re-hashing it.

    I, for one, would prefer that said african tinpot dictators receive a direct lead injection...
  13. Stoatman, that's not really fair and you know it. Those in dire straits arenot the ones suffering - however, if we bail them out it might (just might) be their turn to crack the whip next time.

    Having said that, in 1984 the famine in Ethiopia affected 20 million people. Thanks to massive intervention, many more survived than would have had nature taken its course so that they were able to breed like rabbits and now there are 40 million facing starvation.

    It's a hard cruel world, but it looks as if Malthus had a point......I don't call the present situation progress.
  14. Whilst I appreciate that enough of the aid went to the right people to prevent total starvation, it also propped up the regime. The point of my post was to highlight that a large amount of aid goes into supporting tinpot dictators (e.g. Mugabe freely and benevolently distributing food to his supporters so that they think that the sun shines and food & money flow freely from his bung hole whilst starving his opponents), and not to where it's supposed to be going.

    Here's something related to the 1984 famine: interesting to note is that 90% of aid was channelled through the regime :roll: :

    Also worth a read:
  15. If this is the best all this talent can do , bring back the Spice Girls ,NOT!!