New balls


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You going to string them together as Thai love beads or something ?

Or would they be too loose...
i am wanting to sort out an adventure training exercise, is it best to take issued medicine balls or buy civvie?

i think i have secured accomodation at bognor regis butlins, but, this has still to be confirmed..

As i notice we have a new moderator, i should hope you, or others may be able to give me advice on what exactly i will need to set up the 2 weeks adventure training there? :D
will i need a comprehensive drugs package within the first aid kit or just elastoplast?
Of course you can sign out 20 medicine balls - providing you can carry them in one go...........failing that you will be subjected to one month's remedial PT. Rumour has it that that wouldn't be such a bad thing anyway.......

First Aid kit for adventurous training - what makes you think it will be any different to the usual treatments provided: A selection of Tubigrip and a pot of mega-strength Brufen will be just fine. Obviously should you wish to take along an adventure-deprived medic/nurse/doc your med cover will be dramatically improved.........

Now then. Behave. :lol:

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