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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jase2472, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. does anyone know where i can get hold of one of the blck holdall/bergan bags from. being TA not getting them yet but they seem a good piece of kit.

  2. TA are getting them. Hand in your sausage bag to the SQMS and tell him/her you want it exchanged.
  3. tried that got the big Foxtot Oscar, just wondering if anyone knows where i can get one from without waiting years and lots of hassle
  4. They'll gladly issue you one at RTMC Chillwell when you next go on ops :)
  5. ^and a nice black matching daysack to go with it....
  6. Op Travel Bag NSN: 8465 99 421 5710
  7. Find a new recruit(hard I Know) who has just been issued his/her kit & explain to them that the Sausage bag is Ally & the sign of an old sweat, plus the fact they will get another when they go to Chillwell.
  8. they are back to issuing sausage bags now!!!
  9. Some how , that just doesn't surprise me, they're so '60s & not much use.
    Unless you did the mod witha 'koff big zip down the middle, I've still got mine from19**s, went diffy the suitcase & got a green holdall.
  10. still got my green holdall from 87 but the bag seems a bit better
  11. Only £12 to get billed for it if you go diffy, £8 for the softie jacket.
  12. Lets all play, Spot The Jack CQMS.
  13. i've seen lots of people try and fail at getting the new bag. i think i only used my sausage bag once - the day it was issued to me.