New B.M.I Regulations

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by morganic, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Just thought i would post my first thread to inform those joining or re-joining T.A that new strict Body Mass Index rules are now being used.
    If your B.M.I is over 28 then you will struggle to pass the medical. Some bloke with a B.M.I of 31 was turned away from a T.A medical last week.
  2. Good, that's the equivalent fat content of a pork scratching.
  3. Any news on a minimum? I'm already in the system, just interested.

  4. God knows what the min B.M.I requirement but my guess is if someone is built like Victoria Beckham and you can camo as a twig then you might be accepted lol.
  5. BMI is crap as it doesn't take into account the size of your cock.

    My BMI size is 588.
  6. :D
  7. According to a chart in the recruiting office when I did my BARB a couple of weeks ago - for 18 years old+ BMI has to be in the range 18-28, for blokes only they (recruiting staff) can ask for an exception to be made up to about a BMI of 31/32ish if they think it's due to "excess muscle" rather than fat. (Not sure how that works with TA, given that you don't get on the scales until your medical...)

    (For 17 year olds the range is 17-27)
  8. There's an inbuilt checker in TRHJ (the recruiting system) and one of the first basic details you put in to start the recruitment process is the BMI - if its too high you get a nice red cross. It can be over-ridden if the Doctor says so, failing that a 203 (special enlist auth) would probably need to be raised.
  9. The recruiting office in my TA centre has a set of scales and a height measuring stick which, when cross referenced with the BMI chart on the wall, means we can tell any pie munching chip inhaling fattie who manages to force their way through the front door to get lost and recommend they ask for a salad next time they eat, saving the cost and hassle of a failed medical.

    Obviously if they are genuinely muscle heavy then discretion can be used.

  10. My BMI is 30 and I'm obese. Although, to be fair, I put it down to my weight training and muscle mass.

    I can always train down, lard up and come in with a lower BMI, but I'll feel and look like a bag of shit.

    BMI is toss.
  11. It depends. It's less than Mike Tyson's BMI at the peak of his career. Bodyfat percentage is more accurate, but much harder to measure.
  12. You need a stick and some scales to tell if someone is a bit rotund. What ever happened to calibrated eyeball. Does this also mean that certain people who are in already will be shown the door? Didn't know we were at a stage where we could be so choosy.

    What next, gingers with glasses? (Spaz, check out sits vac in your local rag)
  13. No its not you silly fucker. If you go anywhere near a unit that has to lift things, such as an RE unit, you'll notice that the blokes need to be larger to fit in with their role.

    BMI is toss. As long as you can pass your PFT and CFT it shouldn't matter.
  14. I was told the new B.M.I regulations are due to the fact that we are fighting different types of wars in Afgan & Iraq. If for instance someone had a B.M.I of say about 38 that would put them in the 17 stone weight bracket easy. That person might have a few problems chasing some enemy down a small tunnel or if that person is trying to evade capture down through a tunnel.
  15. wah!....