New ARRSE iPhone/iPad App

We've just uploaded a second ARRSE iPhone/iPad app to the iStore. This one is the official vBulletin one as opposed to the rebranded version of Tapatalk that is currently in there. Both will remain available though.

Let us know what you think?


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Nothing (except the old version) in the iTunes store yet.
'Tis there now: would be trying it out but for some reason I'm not connecting to the App store when initiating the download.

On another matter, unless you already have the Tapathingy version there is no real way to tell them apart.



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Ok I've got it installed, initial thoughts seems not very intuitive. Different menu, totally different to the other apps. If this is posted it means I've worked out how to.
Hmmm, maybe a coincidence then,but until I deleted my Tapatalk version I couldn't download The vBulletin version.


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I'm not so good with technology but had little problem with iPhone and tapatalk, this is really confusing. Perhaps someone else will manage better.
Ok I have got the app on newest and the same thread stays sat at the top of the page although I know this one and the MTP one has been updated.

Am I missing something. With the old app it was the thread with the newest post that was at the top.


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It's kicked me out twice within a few minutes, same as the old one.
Threads appear by who started them rather than the last poster. Wonder what happened to the chap that started the Emperor Mong thread, perhaps he thought it was a good idea to go with those aliens.
I've just had a chance to try having not been able to get a development copy working. Quite a few rough edges! Such as:

- you don't immediately see subforums, so going into "ARRSE Stuff" produces a mostly blank page
- the reviews / articles have to be hunted down. Initially you see some of the content that makes up the site front page
- grey box where I assume adverts should be.

I'll work on this today as I do have control over at least some of that.

Interesting that it's so different from the Android version.

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