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The facility does exist but the Times online article is riddled with in-accuracies.

They have managed to mix and match details of two seperate (but physically linked) facilities either side of Box Railway Tunnel, some areas are still actively used by various MOD agencies.

The site they are referring to is the former Alternative Seat of Goverment (names over time change but include Turnstile, Burlington and latterly Site 3), originally conceived to house upto 4000people but later revised several times down to about 1000.

Site 3 was designed to be entirely self contained for as long as necessary to rebuild the country after a Nuclear War. The vast majority of intended occupants where never informed that they were on the list and would have comprised of a mixture of civil servants and representatives of the services.

All but basic maintenance stopped in 1991(ish) but even this cost the taxpayer £500,000 a year.

Spring Quarry as the site was originally known, was converted at huge expense to be a aero engine factory during the second world war and was a bit of a white elephant, by the time it was ready the nature of the war had changed and it was no longer really necesary.

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Sounds a lot like the Diefenbunker.. Canada's Government of Last Resort hotel..Built underground on some nondescript farmer's field miles out from the nation's capital for the use of the ' vital' personnel to keep the country from anarchy, etc. etc.

Now its a museum - tours can be scheduled and you can gawk at the giant blast doors and snicker at the naivete of the thinkers of the 50's/60's who thought this would save Canada from a nuclear winter...

still, it might be a neat spot for a Casino and facility for ' other amenities '..
I would imagine the useful space in the quarry's are the "districts" in tunnel quarry, which is the old ammo storage depot. It is absolutely vast.

jagman said:
Space on the other side in Spring Quarry is about the same size 8O
That became obvious when i visited kitchen number 68, and it was about the size of a normal unit cookhouse. And there were another 67 of them aparantly. The size of the place doesnt hit home until you visit it.

MOD recently released a DVD with a large amount of images of Site 3

These are now online at due to large amounts of media interest the lad who runs the website has had bandwidth problems over the last few days so be patient with it!

The cookhouse in Tunnel Quarry was built to serve the barracks(300bods) built in there, Spring Quarry had its own canteen facilities to serve the 6000 wartime employees. Later newer catering facilities where put in place for the seat of goverment.

As well as the Bristol Aero Engine factory facilities where put in place for a BSA Barrel Mill and the Parnell Turret Company. this place is vast.

Tunnel Quarry housed districts of CAD Corsham, further districts where built in Monkton Farley (huge)now secure document storage and Eastleys Quarry (not as big) which is now a bonded wharehouse holding wine
I've visited the smaller one at Kelvedon (Nr Brentwood, Essex).
When the landowner was given his land back (complete with bunker) he turned it into a museum.
Lots of kit still in there, presumably left behind.
I found it interesting, given that we were trained for the Cold War, to see what might have been left on the other end of the radio net while we were outside (if we were still around).
I spotted that the accommodation for the sentries was on the outside of the blast doors - so no guesses what would have happened to them!
On balance I think I'd prefer being outside and take my chance than incarcerated underground for 3 months, and then what?
Then again, a couple of years ago there was a display at the PRO Kew, which listed the chosen 1000's in each bunker.
It was noticeable that the Civil Service contingent consisted almost exclusively of Under-Secretaries and er, Secretaries.
Maybe this was a pool of women of child bearing age selected to re-populate the planet?
Doesn't bear thinking about.
The whole plan for surviving a Nuclear confrontation seemed bit hairbrained to be honest ( alot of it is now being released under the freedom of information act) plans inclueded a Officer specifically responsible for ensuring tea delivery was maintained from India!
Another one is a serious discusion took place on how to maintain a taxation system even if our monetary system broke down.

Adequate provision was made to ensure sufficient armed forces where close enough to protect our glorious leaders.....

At one point the plan to evacuate personnel to site 3 included London buses.....
It would seem a waste to just sell off this site. Surely this is just the sort of thing that we should be saving as part of our 'heritage'? I for one would love to go and have a poke around the site. I'm sure that my (future) kids would find it pretty interesting too.
Wouldn't be able to do that if it went to a private consortium.
We mods inhabit the Bat Cave, an area so secure, so secret that you must wear Lycra to get in! The G3 cell are already planning the implementation of an "alternative seat of Govt" while the G2 boys are busy sat round eating pies.
I'd be verrrry interested in re-located there but only on the condition that it's a wine celler as well!

:lol: Hic!
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