New ARRC Painting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Heard that ARRC have copied the Jackson painting with Richards one.
    Anyone seen it / know if this plagiarism is true?
  2. Maybe there getting ready for the car boot sale before they up-sticks??
  3. No offence to either officer, but I would have thought that a Jackson portrait would need a fair amount of artistic work to be converted to a Richards one.

    When did this tradition start? Does the ARRC have paintings of Jeremy Mackenzie, Michael Walker etc?
  4. Jacko had one done of the Briefing Room in the Film Factory. The picture shows a session of a meeting with KPC. The people pictured were never actually all together in the same room, but it represents those who contributed. Have only heard a rumour of the copied idea based on the short ISAF tour that ARRC did.
  5. 12 months, short :?
  6. Out of interest, anyone know who painted the Jacko one?
  7. The ARRC officers are really impresssed with the painting, they have been hit with a 20quid hit on their mess bills to contribute to the 80k cost of the portrait.
  8. I'd have liked to have seen that! I'd have known quite a few on both sides of the table.
  9. That would be this one, then:


    Is this going to turn into yet another ARRC crusade by Outstanding? I only ask because, if it is, I won't bother popping back.

  10. Or the full sized version, including the Afghan General who was cropped out of the one above:


    And, in case anyone is interested, the key to who's in it is:


    1 Major General A Watt (Canadian)
    2 Brigadier NAW Pope (UK)
    3 UK officer
    4 Brigadier RR Davis CBE (UK)
    5 Lieutenant Colonel AD Johnston MBE (UK)
    6 Major General GE Gay (Italian)
    7 US officer
    8 Major General JJC Bucknall CBE (UK)
    9 UK officer
    10 Brigadier NG Smith (UK)
    11 Brigadier RE Nugee MBE (UK)
    12 Mr T Jagger MOD (UK)
    13 Brigadier General HC Ammon (German)
    14 Lieutenant Colonel JU Biggart MBE (UK)
    15 Major General SR Layfield (US)
    16 Brigadier RJC Maxwell OBE (UK)
    17 General DJ Richards CBE, DSO (UK)
    18 General Wardak (Afghan Defence Minister)

  11. Looks like they are all sat around a Las Vegas style dice table. Throwing dice to decide what to do next?

    Win some and yer lose some; roll up, roll up, bets on the table please!


  12. I'm surprised no-one knows who numbers 3,7 and 9 are, or more to the point, to name them?
  13. There's a reason why we tend to commission pictures of heroic deeds as opposed to great men. That reason is that in 20 years time this will be in a Keller Bar with the faces cut out being used for subbie parties.

    80K? I bet they are selling a lot of prints of it too. :roll:
  14. Donny,
    No intention to crusade that is for crusaders. Thanks for the copy though, they all look so natural, friendly and relaxed - must be a real art to creating that ambience.
  15. Picasso?