New Army vehicles

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Today whilst out for my run I was passed by 4 of her majestys finest MAN trucks and then by 4 of her bestest ninja fighting landrovers.

    Made me come over all moist it did, what with those vehicles and the others I've seen on the telly in Afghanistan ....well we might stand a chance of the empire surviving to 2010

  2. dont count on it...
  3. A bit pessemistic pup!
  4. half the fleet here are your pms.
  5. VOR? Can you PM me details.
  6. We've got a load of those MAN trucks, they look pretty good. The guys down MT seem to like them, but not been in one myself yet.
  7. There's absolutely shed loads of the new MANs at Ashchurch (awaiting delivery to units I assume).

    They're massive! Look much better than the old Beddicopters and DAFs too.
  8. Seem to be coping well in Brecon
  9. Aha ! this is what I saw

  10. You remember those stories of Sioux warriors muttering imprecations over the rims of thier rawhide shields to turn back the bullets of the whiteman...?

    Works just the same - only the indians are on the other end of the range on this one.
  11. They get delivered from MAN factory in Vienna and go to Marshalls in Cambridge for cargo bed fitting/painting, Fluid Transfer for the tanker variant. I think the winches/cranes fitment are done in Vienna as well.
    They then end up at Ashchurch in the MAN shed to get final inspection then go next door to the MOD shed to go through acceptance inspection. But some then go back out to another MAN shed to get armour stuff on! 8O

    They are bigger but this gives increased payload and the ability to carry all the stuff that is bolted on for Ops.

    Man at MAN may correct me on my 1st paragraph but it is near as.
  12. Admit it, you've got a big smile on your face now and a stirring in your undertrunks. 8O
  13. Tell you what ma\te, see 4 of each in convoy at speed and you'll think nothing can stop the RLC

    Apart from a butty van of course :p
  14. I saw 2 on a low loader going up the M5 the other day, in a nice sandy yellow colour
  15. Mock you may, but i was getting paid to do this to MP's and Journalists...better than freezing your butt off in Caaanada!! :wink:

    That is me driving in both shots, and not some publicity shot which i nicked, although they do appear in some civvy magazines!