New Army recruitment poster

Are the MOD that stupid that they would use pics of Yank troops as a recruitment poster under the he

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Whilst scannning through a "borrowed" copy of the Sun newspaper noticed a small story about the new recruitment posters for the Army.
Please please tell me it was a wind up, that the MOD wouldnt use pics of our American brothers in arms, their kit and soldiers under the heading "meet the professionals" I mean kin hell that has to be sh1te doesnt it or have we been sold out andf have already became a small state in the USA??? on the bright side if thats the case can we now have a PX instead of a NAAFI????
If anyone does know if this story was true could they please post a pic of these "new" recruitment posters ?????

There are some posters advertising a 'meet the forces' recruiting thing in London. The posters feature a plastic US soldier (?a Canadian, then), with the headline 'Meet the real thing'.
It's true, The Army's advertising agency GSN used the yanks for Op London Soldier. A recruiting drive being held this month. Comander regional recruiting London say's we know and it was not a mistake(f**k off). :roll:
It wouldn't surprise me.

I featured in a big poster for recruiting Marines. I had done All Arms, but the picture was taken on a turning course at SEME and they picked me because I looked the part.nothing to do with marines.

They obviously feel that spams look warry and we don't and will attract the kind of ******** that gets his lights punched out every saturday in the NAAFI. :?

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