New Army recruitment campaign

No idea what you are going on about to be honest. I probably wasn’t clear though to be fair.

Absolutely no one in the Army has been held responsible and I agree, that is completely wrong. Capita have held individuals responsible and they have paid with their jobs, the organisation has also paid in financial penalties.


I am fully aware, painfully aware of the PAC, by the way.
Have they actually paid with penalties or is it just smoke and mirrors and the penalties are a zero sum game?
Have they actually paid with penalties or is it just smoke and mirrors and the penalties are a zero sum game?
Until the 2016 Parking Eye judgement in the Supreme Court there was no legal method of imposing penalties in a contract under English Law. Liquidated damages clauses had to be written into the contract, which meant the damage had to be measurable and directly attributable to the contractor failing to deliver a specific deliverable in the contract.

So no, Capita has not paid penalties. What had happened is that they have not received performance related bonuses stipulated in the contract because they have not delivered the required performance against KPIs.

There isn’t really much scope for smoke and mirrors here. The performance related clauses will be crystal clear and auditable. Whether they encourage performance or not is a moot point; often performance related clauses can do the exact opposite of what they are intended to do.

It does not surprise me that it has taken a long time to get this partnering arrangement to work effectively. It was always high risk to contract the entire recruiting setup and change the way it addresses the market without any trial of concept. The Army’s behaviours towards the contract set it up for early failure.

IMHO those responsible for the reset should be lauded.
but we could start by removing logistics from the RLC, and maybe we’d get what we wanted when we needed it, got to be a cost saving in that???
...a far better start would be the re-introduction of proper inventory planning and robust inventory reserves by DE & S; swiftly followed by the G3 warriors being able to make up their mind what, where, and how they wish an operation to be supported. At this stage, the RLC might just have a fighting chance of sustaining their part of the operation.
But that’s what we all asked for...stability. Oh that’s what the seniors asked for but they gave it to the juniors.
After buying houses first in the new garrisons, using thier inside knowledge.
Ie Lyneham,
Er no, we’ve got to work out how to get an environmentally friendly power station into theatre first...and a lithium mine.
I was average at Command & Conquer: Red Alert

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