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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by modwatchdog, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone shine any light on this one for me?

    I did 7 years in the Regs & 2 years in the TA, I decided the leave & re cap badge, this has only occured in the last 2 months. I`ve been told that it is likely that I`ve have to loose my old sweat army number & be reissued with a crow number, why is that? Can anyone dish the dirt.....?

  2. msr

    msr LE



  3. JPA I thought that might be the case, so that being said, I only left my last Regiment in March!!! Will this thus be a common occurance from now on, with guys/girls leaving the Regs/TA, for a few years/months/weeks/days, and joining up again to be issued with a new number?....Surely not???

    How will that effect pensions? I assume that same will be said for the Regs?
  4. Anyone who didnt successfully migrate from the legacy systems (or wasnt in when we did) gets hit with a 3 series number. JPA doesnt like the old 2 or 5 series numbers being put on when a new record is made. I dont really know the ins and outs as its not my bag , but some of the "lost souls" (who failed to have thier records transferred onto JPA for whatever reason , but were still serving) were a bit miffed when they lost thier old school "Ive been in longer than you've been alive" numbers and got hit with a fresh number.

  5. Oh, so I`m not alone then!!! Must say, I`m totally gutted, but can`t understand, why this has happened, as my pay slips on ARMYNET, as recently as April 2008 are still with my old number?
  6. I really can`t get my head wrong this one either, so what would happen if you left the Regs 10 years ago, but got called up, again tomorrow, would you have new number but the same rank? So effectively you could be a WO1, with the niggiest number in the army??!!!!
  7. That's about the long and the short of it!


  8. When did this godforsaken change over take place then?
  9. Thats pretty much the long and short of it, theres a senior officer with a number a couple away from new guys still in basic last I checked. JPA was ment to be all singing all dancing AFAIK , turns out it can dribble a bit and twitch in the corner if you poke it in the right places.
  10. We got a few R.Irish (HS) chaps come over to us and they lost their numbers, weird to see a WO2 with 3039**** number :)
  11. Then you should keep your number then, as stated its only those out of service when JPA came in, if you were still in service then number should be safe.
  12. We have that as well, even wierder is that his son joined the same time and has a sweater number (just)
  13. Officers get it as well. Some of the newer subbies rise to the bait so easily when ribbed about their 8 Figure number
  14. Ah yes , he should if he has unbroken service, but I think if you re-up soldiers you need a new record made , hence the change in number.
  15. How do they differentiate between male/female for admin purposes with the new numbers.........I'm guessing they've done away with the (W) prefix?