New Army female RSM

She joined the Army at 18 and during a 21-year career has served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo. She is married to a warrant officer and said yesterday that her son, George, is “possibly the bestdisciplined two-year-old in the country”.
I pity that kid...
I notice that this is not in the NAAFI and that we are talking about a serving soldier. Congratulations RSM, that is one hell of an achievement that the majority of male soldiers never attain.
fantastic! I am a bit biased, female, ex army. There are some unique individuals out there who can be as good as a bloke at the top. could name a damn good QA who could be set for the same role!!


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I think the headline of the article is slightly mis-leading. My unit has a female RSM, the Cyprus Joint Police Unit has a female RSM - I'm sure that there are hundreds of others, but that does not take anything away from the lady - 1st female RSM of an ITC. Maybe she will move onto Sandhurst next.
Some comments deleted.

She is a serving soldier who has done well to get to that position. It's not the Naafi bar, and some of those comments were out of order on this forum.

hansvonhealing said:,,2-2001001,00.html
Wrong! The article says "but RSM Burdus, 39, is the first (Femail RSM) in its Initial Training Group", not the first in the entire Army. Sorry! To paraphrase the media "why let the truth get in the way of a good thread"!

W/RSM Burdus has been beaten to first spot by the RLC and maybe even the RLC TA where 166 Regt RLC(V) had a femail RSM 6 years ago!
Good on her, she was my Troop Sgt in Basic at Arborfield. Top bird. Hard as nails
emptyeye said:
hansvonhealing said:,,2-2001001,00.html

Wrong!!!!! Jill Cross RLC MTI was an RSM at 3 CS Regt and she is a female,... facts.. people...facts
Title of article
The mother of all sergeant-majors
The Army has had women in charge of the parade ground before, mainly in specialist units such as the Intelligence Corps, but RSM Burdus, 39, is the first in its Initial Training Group, where recruits undergo a 17-week induction course.
it has not stated anywhere she is the 1st Female RSM...congratulations to her, also glad to see she is from my old Corps as well :wink:
The first female RSM i served with was 8 years ago at 208 Fld Hospital, Liverpool, and gave a good accout of herself, scary when needed to be, she came from the Trolly Dolly (CEG).
I had a female RSM during my trade training in 1999 I believe she was amongst the first if not the first

However RSM Burdus used to be my SSM and I knew her husband when he was a staffy an absolutely brilliant couple well done to her on her new post
Female RSM at Defence School of Languages at Beaconsfield in 1997 and she was damm good looking!


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hansvonhealing said:
Nice one PTP, I wonder if they'd have had the b*lls to make those comments to her face? Somehow, I doubt it...

Sure, what's she going to do - jail me ?
hansvonhealing said:
....its my mistake in using 'first' in the heading - how do I change a heading?
Try editing your initial post - note my change to Subject.

and for general consumption ... they are not Sergeant Majors, they are Sergeants Major. xxx P.E.Dant

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