New Army EOD Bde Formed

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by happy-sapper, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Just heard that the RLC EOD staff at Land (PATO/PANTO?) are about to be subsumed into 8 FEB forming the new pan-army EOD Bde containing the RE EOD Regts 33 and 101 with their CMD and search capabilities and the RLC's 11 Regt with their IEDD capabilities.

    8 Force Engr Bde will be re-titled 8 Force EOD Bde and the Commander will rotate between cap-bades (RE & Loggie) in the same way as the Director of the Jt Engr EOD Staff Branch, and the Comdt DEMMS.

    Anyone else heard the same?
  2. 8 Force Engr Bde will be re-titled 8 Force EOD Bde

    Well that'll never happen for a start!! 8 FEB is formed of Land, Air and Infra support elements.

    29 (Land Sp) Engr Gp may very well rename to reflect it's Bomb Donkey nature, but the whole of 8 FEB?

    Dream on!
  3. Happy Sapper you have your wires crossed somewhere here, 8 Force Engr Bde have or are about to take OPCON of some RLC EOD Wallahs.

    Not heard anything about renaming or alternate capbadge commands!!
  4. 29 are not changing their name. And we (29) already have 11 EOD Regt RLC under opcon
  5. Must be getting confused then. What do 29 do then?
  6. We are their Higher Formation - so not a lot really :twisted:
  7. Yeah, me too. So if 29 consists only of the 3 Regts of 33 EOD, 101 EOD (V) and 11 EOD RLC, what is the resistance to changing that to an EOD Bde? It has sufficient sub-units (ie 3) and is uni-roled (EOD).
  8. Dunno about the resistance, but you said
    8 Force Engr Bde are not AFAIK renaming!

    29 I don't know enough to comment!