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From Defence net today:

UK Gear And British Army Join Forces On New Running Shoe

A new high performance running shoe which has been developed in association with the British Army was launched on the 15th September at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot.
PT-03 UK Gear Trainer
The shoe, named the PT-03 and produced by British sportswear company UK Gear, is the first commercial product ever to be produced in association with the Army. It bears the Army’s famous crossed swords logo and embodies the Army’s values and standards.

During the development of the shoe, Army fitness instructors from the elite Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) advised on its design and tested the shoe over a six-month period. The entire project from concept, through design, testing and manufacture has taken UK Gear eighteen months to complete and has resulted in a unique association with the Army.

David Hinde, managing director of UK Gear, said:

“The PT-03 is a high performance running shoe. It has been created with the help of some of the fittest people on the planet - the Army’s own fitness instructors - which means it will stand up to the demands of any runner. Whether they’re an elite athlete or occasional jogger, when people buy the PT-03 they’ll know they’re buying the best.”

Before design work began on the shoe, APTC instructors helped UK Gear develop a brief - a detailed written description of what the shoe needed to be able to do to match their exacting standards. The company then began the design process and produced the first prototype.

The testing phase saw a number of instructors from the Aldershot-based APTC use the prototype shoe in all their training sessions. These included track, trail and road sessions as well as the Corps’ punishing hill running sessions. The Army’s feedback was then incorporated into later designs before the final PT-03 was tested and approved.

David Hinde said:

“The end product is a stable running shoe which incorporates all the latest technical benefits which are available. The PT-03 will provide support and cushioning to fulfil the needs of the majority of runners.”

One senior APTC officer who covered more than 800 kilometres in the same pair of PT-03s said they were an outstanding pair of running shoes.

Lt Col Phil Watkins of the APTC said:

“The PT-03s are top quality running shoes, they embody the Army’s values and standards and we’re delighted to be associated with them. It’s the first time the Army has worked with a company in this way to share our expertise and experience and we expect them to be a great success.”

The shoe also comes with a brief history of the APTC. The PT-03, which has a recommended retail price of £79, is available from specialist running stores and major sports shoe retailers. As part of the arrangement between the Army and UK Gear the shoes are now worn by all APTC instructors - a total of more than 450 around the world. In addition, a proportion of the revenue from sales of the PT-03 will go back to the Army to be spent on quality of life enhancements for the units involved in the project.

Colonel Robin Clifford, head of the Army’s commercial branch, said:

“This pioneering initiative is in keeping with the Army’s values of innovation, expertise and flexibility. We believe that activities like this, with Army personnel demonstrating that their specific skills can be of value and benefit to the public, are positive for the Army. Of course, the Army is very busy on operations and training, so we will only take part in such initiatives when they do not impact on our core activities.”

UK Gear is now working with the Army on a gym shoe for use indoors, an initiative that will be developed once the PT-03 pilot project has been assessed.

the UK Gear website seems a bit slow to load. If anybody ( who isn't a Gym queen involved in the trials) tries these shoes out please PM me.


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FECKIN ELL! No disrespect to you goatman, but ...How many threads do we really need on a pair of overpriced Rubber.

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If I see any one wearing them Ill ask them you to PM you! Im fairly interested to know aswell. :wink: :D

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