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Over the last three months there has been extensive planning between the Ministry of Defence, the veterans charities Erskine and Help for Heroes on the best way to work together to meet an identified gap in the care of Soldiers wounded and injured both on operations and in training. Although the final contracts have yet to be signed, the three organisations are going to work in partnership to provide a pilot scheme in the Erskine Edinburgh Home. The scheme called Pathfinder will be operational in August 2009 in a dedicated 12 bed wing in the Erskine Edinburgh Home.
Help for Heroes with Erskine will work together with MoD to provide this Pathfinder facility with the intention that once proven, further ACC’s will be provided throughout the UK (likely to be sited at seven super-garrison sites of Catterick, Tidworth/Bulford, Aldershot, Colchester, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland and Germany).
Currently, once military patients leave hospital or the military’s rehabilitation centre at Headley Court they continue to convalesce either at their parent unit or on sick leave at home. However, some units and families simply cannot provide the appropriate level of support, supervision and assistance that the patient needs. ACC’s will provide a “half-way house” where patients can continue to convalesce within a caring, home-like environment suited to their particular needs that will facilitate the swiftest possible return to duty or smoothes transition to an appropriately skilled and supported civilian life. They will offer military personnel a residential base, ideally close to their parent unit, where they can convalesce in a structured military environment benefiting from existing garrison/regional facilities such as gyms and rehabilitation facilities. The ACC will also provide further welfare services such counselling, career management and resettlement and will cater for families as they support the patient.
Erskine’s Chief Executive Colonel Martin Gibson, former Chief of Staff of the Army in Scotland, said “Erskine is delighted to be playing its part, working in partnership with the MOD and Help for Heroes on providing a solution on the best care possible for those wounded and injured while serving their country. Pathfinder will provide an ideal platform for those returning to their unit, and for those who are unfortunately leaving the Army.”
Bryn Parry Chief Executive of Help for Heroes said “Help for Heroes is delighted to be part of the Army Convalescence Centres initiative. It is a much needed resource to help our wounded onto the next stage of their recovery and it will give them a launch pad to a new life.”[/align]
I am an ex-serviceman & I work For Erskine, which is an excellent place to work. I think this scheme has been along time coming, with the closing down of many British Military Hospitals. Todays' servicemen & women only have 1 rehab unit available to them & that is Hedley Court, which is along way to travel for families to see their sons or daughters if they are from Scotland. So with this scheme, Scottish injured servicemen & women will be much closer to their families & friends.


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Erskine are a brilliant organisation based in a lovely location just beside the Erskine Bridge. They are are well organised unit who do great work for ex-servicement in Scotland.

I know there is a lot of charity raising for H4H, RBL etc but these guys are and have been for some time my 'nominated' charity.

I hope that this initiative is a success but it is only funded for a pilot scheme so there will have to be a great deal of support to ensure it continues. Please do not be offended (don't care if you are) if I return to this over the next 12 months just to remind people of the good work being carried out.

Have a read at their web page;




My uncle was resident at the Erskine until he died a couple of years ago.

A very fine & much needed place.
IIRC miscreant Young Officers of a Scottish persuasion were often encouraged to make donations to Erskine - I truly hope this continues.
I think this is a fantastic opportunity for those military personnel who require Erskine’s unique brand of care to benefit from the excellent facilities which they so rightly deserve. I first came to Erskine about 11 years ago with my family as a disabled ex-soldier, I served with the Scots Guards for over 9 years in NI and during the Falklands, for many years and after some time living as a homeless family I was told by the state that I would never work again as I had arthritis in most of my joints, 2 hearts attacks and was diagnosed with PTSD. but then I found Erskine or should I say Erskine found me, and my life and that of my family has been transformed beyond all recognition, over the last 10 years I have got my self respect back and now work fulltime for Erskine, my medical conditions are still there but I know that I have the support and friendship of the whole Erskine family behind me. I would say to any of the young men and women who may find themselves coming to Erskine, Firstly welcome to the family and everyone of us within Erskine wish you all the best and thank you for the job that you done on our behalf.
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