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New Army Careers Web site

Not Bad......though it could have a more balanced view in combat - too many drop shorts ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
How about it could be less confusing! I applied months ago and luckily my careers sgt could tell me all I needed to know but I reckon you need an IT qual to understand the new site.

Not everyone's computer literate! Yet!
Hey guys, you might want to go and have another look. they've updated it again since may 02.

It's gone high-tech on us now!

that's why I didn't loook at the time gap!

I realise I may've just looked dumb..... :)
They seem to be adding the jobs slowly but surely.
When it had just updated, no matter what questions you answered for pathfinder or whatever, you only got infantry. They didn't even have ANY jobs listed under IT & Comms etc. I wouldn't mind, except for the fact the information is pretty much identical to the last version of the site lol.
yeah but harder to find out!

They really ought to do a sipmlified version of the site.

I mean I know we don't want completely idiotic people but what's the requiremants for infantry again? oh yeah none! leads to the term grunts...

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