New Army Boots

In fact thinking about it...........

What is the central store in bisley called that supplies the army with kit?
Why? How many feet have you got?!?
walting_matilda said:
Yeah creating my own private army............ Well gotta start from ther bottom up lol
Fcuking's Mark Thatcher!
Ive had a phone call from a mate who says that there are three factories that make army issue boots for the MOD. One in Brimingham, Bristol and Leicester. Anyone know the names of the company?
Why would you think the boots are UK made? I'm led to believe they are from the Far East these days. Altberg advertise themselves as the 'last British boot manufacturer' as well.
Although there's an awful lot of cobblers (spoken) in Brum, there's no way that assault boots are made there.

Unless that is, they're knocked up in the same sweat-shop over the bookies in Saltley that produces the finest Armini jeans, Pravda handbags and Guchi sunglasses.....

Hope that narrows it down for you.

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Is this thread for real! 200 pairs!

The company that makes the current issued Combat Assault Boots is Iturri a Spanish boot manufacturer and distributor. They are made in Spain.

They have a distribution warehouse in Banbury which serves DC IPT and DSDA. You can google the main Iturri site.

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