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It has been mentioned in other posts, but Paddy L..... and I are re building the Army Aviation web site. I used to run it many moons ago, but it was all done manually and started to take over my life, alas, life took over and the site died.

It will not, in anyway the same as ARRSE. In fact it will be a factual site where we will ALL use real names and ID's, to keep in contact around the globe.

The initial plan is for a list of members contact details (emails addresses etc). In time it is hoped to create a site for the HQ WO's and Sgts Mess. Perhaps we could put something together for the 50th.

The site is called Army Aviation, because it is aimed at all folk who have worked in the army aviation enviroment, it is not an AAC site!! (though I might use a few shades of blue in the disign :lol: )

RIGHT - We need some help from YOU . .

What would you like to see on the site? Serious answers please.

Many thanks.
Sounds good mate and looking forward to it.

Just a quick one though;

we will ALL use real names and ID's, to keep in contact around the globe.

Im all for that as it will hopefully prevent the problems seen on other forums but I take it it will be a closed forum then? If so, all for that too.
Definately like the idea, especially as real names will be used. This will definately be an excellent way for people to get in touch with each other and perhaps stay in touch with each other.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Sounds good mate and looking forward to it.

Just a quick one though;

we will ALL use real names and ID's, to keep in contact around the globe.

Im all for that as it will hopefully prevent the problems seen on other forums but I take it it will be a closed forum then? If so, all for that too.

The only people that will get into the Forum will be registered members, It is already (gosh we have started and got bits working) closed to visitors.

Undecided yet as to whether all registrations should be vetted by administrators for validitity, the software gives us the option - I doubt we will go down this route, but your views are welcome.
Gunny Highway said:
MPS, I assume you'll have a gallery. Can this be split down to Regt/Sqn/Flt sections? Makes it easier to find what one is trawling for.

Yes there will be a gallery. We can split it down if you wish, but splitting it down to flights might have folk chasing all over the place looking for pictures.

The current thought process, as well as a members contact list, is to build a forum based on AAC locations world wide - Or we could do it by Sqn Number. What if we made the galleries the by loacation?
Sorry mpsman but how can you have an open forum but still expect people to give their real names? Surely that only works in a closed forum?
I think you could have a bit of a mare on your hands mpsman.

Will you have access to AAC records?
And even if you did, what 's to stop someone using anothers name and being able to post using what will effectively be an alias?

I can see the forum still using nicknames, (we all know who everybody is anyway), but as far as contacts go, some will want to be on the contacts list, yet others wont but they would still like to be able to use the forums.

I'm all for your site, but you will possibly be taking away a lot from ARRSE Aviation and (if it's still runing) the AACA website. Will it really be that busy, judging by the spurts on Arrse and the tumbleweeded AACA forums?

You can't have real names and an open forum for obvious reasons.

lchannell aka 'mpsman', a technical advisor to ATIL who provide Training Services to support the British Army's Apache AH Mk1 Attack Helicopter, is quoted to have said.......... Bollix to the lot of you! Lets overthrow the Government! I don't pay all my income tax from my job on the side.

Info obtained from-
If you have any ideas that you might wish to see on this site then contact me on the link below, it currently links to my work email (shhh - don't tell the boss).
Although overthrowing the government might not be a bad idea, its not quite the idea I had in mind for this month.

If I had wanted to of hid my identity from the world on ARRSE then it would not of been that hard, (Though I should point out that it is not hard to track an IP). I chose to reveal my info to anyone clever and determined enough to look, and some obviously have the skill. A little further investigation would of also found that I teach the AH Mission Planning System (MPS), but then mpsman should of made that obvious :)

Sid, you are of course correct, it could be a mare and people could give false details, but what would be the point? For example:- If I want to put up my details on a site for people to find and contact me there would be no point in hiding behind a fasle ID, no one would find me.

I doubt that it will be a busy site and that should hopefully make managing it a bit easier. The AACA site was not that busy, but many a lost friend was found there.

This arrse of a place serves us well for general chat and shanadigans, indeed I believe I probably know most folk within the aviation threads. I aim to take nothing from here, for I enjoy this site too much.

If it works, then it works, if its a flop then I have lost a few quid, and some of my time.

I am confused on one point made though
You can't have real names and an open forum for obvious reasons.
Why not ? what ever happened to freedom of speech.
You can't have real names and an open forum for obvious reasons.
Why not ? what ever happened to freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech and known identities on internet forums-especially public are not familiar bedfellows. For good reason, especially in our line of work. (See SS's post above).

What do you want the site to be?

If it’s an aviation site for serving and ex members, there is the obvious PERSEC issue. If you wish to promote lively discussion akin to a crew room, again real names will ensure this does not happen. (Look at army net official website; it’s like the OCs office just prior to CR time).

An open and public forum such as the AACA website is a quiet place for a similar reason. The majority of things that get posted on there are reunion dates and old friends looking for each other. If that’s all you want the new place to be, I don’t think it will grow too much and it will stagnate in the same fashion.

Who are you trying to attract to the new site?

If it’s serving and former members, I cannot see a problem with it being a closed site. The RAFP website has managed to keep it closed shop but also kept it quite a vibrant place (if such a comparison can be made in the same sentence as RAFP!).

If it was a closed shop, I'd not have too many issues posting as myself.

I do not think it is beyond the realms of reality to have a membership criterion.

How many people do you expect to join?

Having a solid foundation of admin and mods can ensure a credible membership process. The Corps and its attached isn’t particularly large even considering past members so policing membership will hopefully prevent making the site a 'Car crash Website' with all manner of window lickers joining and kicking off. Admin (with assistance) could quite easily validate members and to be quite honest, so long as they proved to be pukka, could still post under a pseudonym (there is your freedom of speech). Only admin need know their real ID (this enables a bit of a leash too).

To summarise. A closed forum with a robust validation will enable it to be an interesting place. It will ensure it is different enough from AACA but will allow discussions that might not flourish on this Avn forum due to the 'public' aspect.
I just got an email from an old mate from 3 Regt.

if anyone goes near to wallop in the near future, could they kindly, put 50p in the meter and get the server going.
Get your finger out and get the site up and running :lol:


You realy need to use a desent HTML editor, try netscape composer, 'word' is not the thing to use for web sites. Even if microsoft tell you it is :wink:

I agree with Lord Flasheart, make it a closed forum and you'll be charting new territory rather than trying to compete with the AACA and ARRSE. To be honest, the AACA website has been fairly pants since it's inception, although admittedly a good meeting point for ex-AAC, but if someone doesn't sort it soonest it'll die a death. ARRSE is ARRSE and stands alone as a great place where full and frank discussion can take place without fear of one's career going down the crapper, I don't see your site as competition in that sense.

It would be great to have a closed forum free of trolls and exclusive to serving and ex-members of AAC units (REMEs, etc included).
Closed gets my vote!
OK, It is going to be a site for us all, and the majotity vote wins, therefore it will be a closed shop. We are probably also going to attempt to make user registration on a recomendation only basis. As said above it is a small Corps which should help that work. Also as I work at Wallop (we all know that now), I have got access to a mil line etc which could help out.

Jinxy, mate thanks for the steer, I have dreamweaver on the home box, but I needed to update the front page from work, and word is about all they will give me here. I did ask, but got a tablet :) I could of used notpad, but the word icon was closest to the mouse :)

As an update, we have already got bits in place behind the front door. and will eventually be looking for one or two chaps to have a play (beta run).

Like I said, we will give it a go. if it flops, then all that's been lost is a few bob, and my pride. Some will of course say I lost that years ago.

On my other web site, they operate a closed forum policy in which you have to be sponsored by someone who knows you or is familiar with your work. The sponsor has to request a temporary Id and password which is sent to the sponsored that allows them limited access to the site for ten days in which time Admin can do any necessary validation it thinks necessary. If you clear Admin and conduct yourself in a reasonable manner you then get full membership privileges. Then and only then can you access the main part of the site where members use names. Given that the A.A.C. membership is not vast it may be worth considering to keep the site's integrity firmly based in A.A.C. territory.

They can only do this because they're not reliant on income from a large membership base - there is no advertising and costs are covered by full members once a year. The downside though as we have discovered is that closed memberships can become stilted without new people bringing in fresh ideas, plus it stifles a great opportunity for the more experienced members to act as mentors to the next generation of aviators.

Good luck.

Scorrpy said:
no 'closed' or secure site on the www is secure.
Agreed, even sitting behind a username, hooked to a hotmail addy is not secure. It will not be containing anything COMSEC or OPSEC. Soley our real nameas and email addreses, so that we can get in touch and try and find old mate.. We are trying to build a "where I serverd" forum, or similar so that you can look up a specific place/sqn and see who you remember there.
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