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Discussion in 'Officers' started by mistersoft, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Forgive this shameless plug but I would like to bring to your attention the new Army Aviation site

    The site is privately owned, privately run and FREE to all capbadges involved in the Army Aviation environment past or present. The site currently has over three hundred members with a mix of those still serving and those who joined before the days of colour television.

    The bulk of the membership are senior ranks or ex-senior ranks but we do have officers rubbing shoulders with those on the very bottom rung of the ladder. As the site is not ARRSE's little brother, rubbing shoulders is as far as it gets. The site is well moderated and has what most have expressed as a distinct advantage over other sites, the use of real names on the forums. The site is a 'closed' site so registration is necessary and all registrations are strictly checked.

    Thank you for your time Ladies and Gentlemen and hope to see at least some of you on the site.
  2. Repeat of shameless plug.

  3. A big thank you to the Moderators of this forum for making this thread a sticky.

    Could I ask those who haven't ventured across to the Army Aviation Site to seriously consider doing so. It is not in competition with ARRSE but could still supplement your posting dietary requirements.

    Thank you.
  4. Done it, I await the results of my vetting.
  5. Thank you and see you on the site.
  6. There is still plenty of room for new members. If you are considering joining or have already applied and are awaiting confirmation, could I please ask to to check your emails carefully as spam killers have a nasty habit of killing the Army Aviation emails.

    For those who are still waiting for confirmation, might I suggest you email again giving the details you attempted to register with and a short service history. This hopefully will speed up the process.

    Thank you.
  7. How do you know if there is a pilot in the bar?

    Don't worry, he'll tell you!

  8. He will indeed.

    Just in case you'd forgotten about the site, I just thought I'd add that with 627 members, there is still plenty of room for fresh blood, new members or even both.

    And pilots.
  9. And talking of pilots, the number of members has risen dramatically or even dramatically risen to 646, well it wasn't really that dramatic, just a few each and every day and in fact NOT dramatic at all.

    Something that also failed in the 'dramatic stakes' but was quite interesting or vaguely interesting was that after an intense media campaign (one advert) on PPRUNE or pPRUNE or whatever it is as my upper case/lower case coordination is sadly lacking this morning, is the fact that some have 'moved across' and joined our merry band. It seems that years of being bullied by the junior service has finally taken its toll and for North Sea taxi drivers, a chance to escape forums full of pictures of 'nice big waves'.

    So if you feel like taking the plunge, then the Army Aviation site is for you and for you aviators, what better chance of meeting likeminded people rather than having them chase you all over waste ground after an evening's 'TWOCing'.

    So the choice is yours, this rubbish is mine but anybody with ANY link to Army Aviation is always welcome on the site.
  10. Still looking for new members. 816 is definitely not enough.
  11. We are still looking for new members. At present 916 keep the site ticking along nicely but we are hoping for a nice round figure like a thousand before the AAC 50th Anniversary in September.

    Before anybody says it, I already have a perfectly round figure.
  12. Registered and awaiting access :yawnstretch:
  13. Thanks for that benjiboy. See you on the site.
  14. It's bump time.

    At time of posting there are 964 members on the Army Aviation website and a sweepstake is currently running as to when the 1000th member will join.

    There is still plenty of room for new members, particularly those without a life and especially at weekends.

    If you haven't dabbled then please do and please remember the site is for ANYBODY who had anything to do with Army Aviation so you don't necessarily have to be AAC or REME to be able to join and not directly involved in aviation.
  15. 1510 members and more members required.

    Preference will be given to those with English as a first language and those with lots and lots of stories even if they aren't all strictly true. A possible exception to that, is the story about a busload of nurses from BMH Rinteln.

    It just goes to show, you can have too much of a good thing. Please remember you don't necessarily have to be a 'mender' or a 'bender' to join. Any reasonable link to Army Aviation is acceptable (hyperlinks are NOT acceptable) though the fact you once saw a Gazelle flying over your Gran's house is probably pushing it a bit.

    Apologies for the rather long period of time between bumps and we'll hopefully see some of you on the site.