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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by mpsman, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Many of you will know that three of us Army Aviation chaps have been building a new web site to help keep Army Aviation minded folk in contact. Especially after the AACA forum fell over........

    Last week I set up a thread in here and asked for your ideas at Ideas Thread which helped us immensely. Thank you.

    Although we have only placed a 'Temp Holder' for the ‘AAC WOs' and Sgts' Mess’ and ‘Links’ pages, the Main 'Member’s Area' is all but complete.

    We are therefore please to announce that Army Aviation Co UK website is now open to yee all. It is in its infancy and will grow.

    Usernames used within ARRSE will not be permitted, as we do not whish to give away your ARRSE ID. As it is a closed shop’ all registrations will require manual acceptance from the admin staff.

    May I say many thanks to the MODS at ARRSE for steering us in the right direction, and allowing us to use ARRSE.

  2. Forgot to ADD its not an AAC site.

    Its an Army Aviation site.

  3. Looking good. Nice one.
  4. Nick if you are reading this, or if anyone knows his email addy, please let him know that he tried to register and has mis typed his email addy and the system checks the email addy.

    Please try again

  5. Iv applied to join aswell guys, can u tell me if everyone's to use their real names ..if so then i'll re-register, thanx
  6. Bobcarwillie, The use of your real name or a nickname is entirely up to you. I use my real name on the new site because I have nothing to hide. I served for 20 years, 13 in the Corps, pilot and QHI. If I can help someone with flying matters then I will. If you like me you like me, if you dislike me you dislike me.

    Who cares.
  7. Looks good. Application in the post, so to speak.
  8. mpsman Nick P here think I have it all in one sock now have re submitted to the site
  9. Great site boys, well done! I was under the impression that nicknames were to be avoided and that doesn't seem to be happening...can this be addressed?
  10. Fred it can be avoided, and I have this evening asked a few folk to change their username with our Admin assitance.

    We do however feel that if you are known by a nick (as I am [ ch@nn]), then that will work because your mates will try and find you under that name.

    We looked at this point long and hard, even to the point where I altered the code to make it compulsory to enter your full name. This can now be seen in any users profile. In time real names will also be shown in the members list, I have the code for it, and just need to write it into the site.

    Like this site we are not .mod or .gov and do not wish to be so yight with regulations that people will ignor us.

    If you feel strongly on it, we are open to suggestion.

    Why not start a thread on the site.


    PS it was my ID that I refered to, and lets be honest, if you had not worked it out then you really should leave the keyboard alone.
  11. Ok thanks for the update. Might well start a thread on your site if it becomes a problem.
  12. Did it Fred,

    I threw a poll in there as well to see what folk want.
  13. I'm getting the old, "sorry there's been a page error" when I try to go anywhere but the front page :x
  14. Sven - I believe they've sorted the problem now. I too had the same problem with the Opera browser. Looked at the address line and it was trying to redirect to (what Opera thought was) a false address. It wasn't and a bit of editing in the address line sorted the problem.

    Anyway - like I said, I believe the problem's all sorted now :wink:
  15. Yes

    Been there - joined that