New Army Air Corps (V) Regt

Has anybody any info on the rumoured new Army Air Corps TA ground crew Regt/Sqn being formed in the Bury St Edmonds / Suffolk area. There is talk they are to re badge a RA (V) Regt to fill the gaps…
Look in the aviation forum - there's already a thread there.
I am at BSE TAC, Royal Anglian badged will NOT be used to fill the gaps, they are going to stay Royal Anglian cap badge the Regiment will be known as 3 Royal Anglian instead of the crap East of England Regiment.

The current artillary unit 202 BTY based at the same location will be re roled as AAC and will be bringing in about 160 LSN's to the location, and with it the offer of Apaches based down the road.

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