New Army Advertising Campaign & The TA.

Would you give up your bounty for a TA pension?

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Evening, all.....

I've just seen the new printed advert for the Infantry in todays 'Daily Star', and it states :

'competitive salary, a comprehensive benefits package, a pension.'

It also has the TA logo on the bottom of the page, and gives the general impression that members of the TA get these benefits and pension. There are certainly no disclaimers to say that these dont apply to us part-timers.....

I've no complaints about the money, its pretty good now, but what benefits exactly do we get? And I bet when the pension does come in for us, we'll be paying for it in other ways, i.e the loss of the bounty...

Isnt this advert misleading? I know i've had the foreign travel to sunny places, and also cold places, but I'd be a wee bit dubious about calling it a benefit.....

Any views would be welcome...In the meantime, I'm putting the paper in a safe place, so when i eventually hang me boots up, I can point to it and ask for my pension and benefits package!!


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Thought active service contributed to pensionable service?

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