New Armour ? - Spy Shots.. Plastic Tank

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SCLI, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Found in Loft ;-)
  2. They look to be in pretty good nick. You obviously didn't play with them hard enough!

    Are you thinking of selling them? Cause my boy would probably kill for them.
  3. What are they worth ?
  4. Cant tell you what they are worth but they are a genuine Action man Scorpion & a Airportable (lightweight) Landy. I was a spolit brat as a kid & had both. If the Scorpion has a hole cut into its underside it was propally mine as i used to put the thing ontop of my little sisters tortoise , could,nt afford remote control toys back then !! Probally worth a small fortune now.

  5. Just had a look on e-bay, bids for the Scorp start around £20, the Landy at around £30. Depending on condition.
  6. There is also a box of Action Men and Stuff as well.

    The uniform thats a bit NON pc now is the German Stormtrooper outfit.

    Looks like I'll have to go through it all, especially now it has a value.
  7. The actionman "vintage" uniforms has been re-issued pop into smiths and pick up the modelling mags theres an addy there for it.

    Anyone ever have the death side?
  8. I remember racing the jeep, truck and pulling the tracks off the scorp so it was on wheels down the small hill in our street. It was only 100 yards but enough of an incline to get some serious knots up.

    Lost count of the number of scabby knees and hands off those!
  9. The tank made the best go-cart, but only if you took the turret off as well. We had two (both bought from an auction - we weren't that rich) and my brother and I used to race each other down Wichartstrasse in Paderborn. Main road at the bottom of the hill. Had to stop before you got there, obviously, which usually involved crashing. My parents should have bought shares in Elastoplast.
  10. That's kinda an interesting site - until you find loons like this~

    And I love the reply from someone else "I'm working on Mum to get me a STAR L85A2" I nealry weed myself :slow:
  11. How do you reckon an airsoft UGL works? Do you get hit with a really big plastic ball?