New Armed Forces Pension Scheme - consultation

As promised:

Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme - Consultation Document
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Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme - Online Questionnaire
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Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme - Standard Presentation
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We at the Forces Pension Society will be studying the Consultation Document over the weekend and submitting our initial observations during the course of next week.
Despite how the links appear, I have just tested them and they do work.
Have filled in the questionaire. Personnally I do not think that the consultation paper goes far enough, nor provides enough 'detail' to make any real assessment of the impact of the (un-specified) proposals. Comments that I included in the questionaire:

"AFPS05 soldier joins at 18 completing 22 yrs and a graduate officer joins at 22 serves 18 years to meet min age for EDP. Your options are a major change from this with the 'best' meaning soldiers working 24 years to reach EDP, whilst officers only working min 20. NEM is likely to provide limited opportunity for soldiesr to complete 24 year's service. Officers 3 tier commission system will have to change to ensure all those on ‘IRC’ have an opportunity to meet the EDP. Suggest 20/40 option."

"I really do hope that this questionnaire lives up to its title as an ‘initial’ consultation because the questions you have asked and the options you have provided are significantly limited. You need to consult on accrual rates and all the other ‘open for debate’ areas if this is going to be considered a fair consultation."


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