New Armed Forces blog

Hi all,

I said I would let you know when my newspaper launched its armed forces blog - and guess what? You can have a look here:

The blog is in its very early stages but the idea is to convince the powers-that-be that people are interested in forces stories and to provide a home for things that might not always make the papers.

Hopefully, it will be something you guys can use to advertise any of the stuff you do (charity events, messages home, competitions etc.) Use it to sound off, highlight issues etc. It's really up to you... just send me an email or message.

I'm open to comments/ suggestions/ criticisms etc. about the blog although no mickey taking about the name - I've gone through all that with my colleagues already!!

I just hope it gets a bit of traffic/ a few comments etc. to prove to my boss that people do care about forces stuff!

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you, whatever you have to say,


Looks good to me. Your support is most welcome.

Looking good Vicki. Don't forget to circulate that out to units based around Liverpool , and talk to MoD PR about finding more stories to populate it.

The Birmingham Evening Mail are running blogs concerning Brummies in theatre at the moment, and a very popular feature it's proving too.

Good effort :D

Good stuff, we have our own 'forces briefing' in the Salisbury Journal that has defintely got better since the current chap took it over a year or two ago. Its good to see that areas without large garrisons are starting to get in on the act.
Thanks for all your comments - hopefully it will go well.

If any of you use Twitter you can 'follow me' (I'm still getting used to that) at Vicki_ECHO and I'll stick blog updates on there.


Well done Vicki great to see you ( and the Echo) supporting the Armed Forces from our local area. As a scouser and an Ex soldier having served 23 years up until a couple of years ago. It is great to see and I know like most on here that it is great to see people back home thinking of you when you are away.

Again well done and keep it up.

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