New Armed Forces Bill passed in Parliament

Defence has delivered new legislation to ensure Armed Forces personnel, veterans and their families are better supported when accessing key public services.

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"It will also tackle delays in the Service Complaints System by giving the Armed Forces the ability to make changes to how appeals are managed in the future for swifter outcomes that are fairer and in proportion to the complaint.".....but does that include when a SC is brought against you and 4 others and because the "complainer" is more bothered about getting a medical discharge under NFCI, doesnt reply to correspondence in a timely manner that it drags on for over 18 months to only finish because one of the"accused" leaves the Army and is told this on his last day!

I literally drove out the gates, pulled over and rang the SC lady in-charge. She said "the person does not answer correspondence, Mr CH, go home and enjoy your civilian life"! Hope his feet fell off!!!

Hexi Bloke

War Hero
I tried to use my veterans status at my local GPs chance. They did ask me to prove I was a Veteran.

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