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New Arlington Cemetery website

Quote from: http://www.steveamerson.com/blades/blades_wmv.html
We honor the men and women of America's Armed Services, past and present, for their gift of freedom to all of us living today.

This tribute is a reminder to us all, "lest we forget their sacrifice."

So there is no chance that the British buried in Arlington count?

But then again you would know this without posting first woudn't you?
Here's the list of foreign nationals buried at Arlington, including Field Marshal Dill. Link He was greatly liked by the Americans and his gravesite is very prominent. So yes, we do honor him.
I would urge people visiting this site to look at the many things offrered there. Foreigners buried there, Custer, MOH awardees, Civil War, etc. There are many good reads and looks on the site if one looks in the site depth. :thumright:

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