New area for arguements not covered before

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. Right. We've managed to bring down so many reasonable topics, how about music? There MUST be some sad records out there worthy of ridicule!

    OK - 1st record bought.

    Gangsters by The Specials with Selecter by the Selecter on the B-Side.
  2. "I wish I could teach the world to sing" single by the "New Seekers" :oops:

    "Total eclipse of the heart" Bonnie Tyler :roll:
  3. I bought a novelty re-release of Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas' on white vinyl. :(

    What a cock eh? :D
  4. Adam Ant-Prince Charming
    Duran duran - Rio

    Were my first

    I have noticed that there are an awful lot of very pumpable black chicks in the industry at the minute. For example I'd love to back scuttle that dancer out of the N.E.R.D video........ the singers should be fed through a mincer but she is v naughty
  5. have collection of lasered singles including STYX and Blondie,
    i let the teenager look at,
    if he breaths on i kick him........ :oops:
  6. The first album BBC bought or had bought for her was the tape of the 'Troop of tubby mongols' - singing mongy rhymes especially for window lickers and, oddly enough mongs
  8. Don't flatter yourself lard queen. You dribble on my turf you will be taunted.
  9. Whenever I see 'Windowlicker' by Chemical Brothers, it makes me think of Joey Deacon - and then I want to go wee-wee.

  10. Joey Deacon was awesome.

    Rumour has it that he was filming an episode of Blue Peter and fell in a chest freezer and died of cold mongolitis or something similar.

    I am slapping the bak of my hand and saying Mmmmmrrrwwah in tribute
  11. Ist record: Brontosaurus by The Move
  12. Keep on Dancing - Bay City Rollers.

    Always guaranteed to bring a smile to a weary face!!! :lol:
  14. You - or Bay City Rollers :D
  15. Both

    You smooth talker!!!