New ARAB Nickname needed

Yeah one army, etc, etc

So ARAB is just as bad as STAB, it is aimed at the regular which means we are just as bad as them, we really need a nickname thats just aimed at the small part of the regular army thats so unsecure of their own abilty (and have small willies) they have to have someone to put down.

So far I've come up with WALT(A) - Walt ARAB L_______ Territorials ... Loathes could work .....
That applies to both... only cadets put on uniform for no pay

Anyway don't turn this into another TA vrs Regular thread, this thread will just goto the NAAFI and its only aimed at a small part of regular army.
I don't really want to get involved in this, but you could try OU - Otherwise Unemployed

Edit for clarity: Can be applied to any time-waster, mil or civ.


STAB = Still The Armys Best

ARAB = Arrogant Regular Army Bar-steward

Who has the better nick name? :D
Goku said:
Merlin745 said:
Goku said:
Who has the better nick name? :D
I see your point, STAB is an aggressive nickname and some ARABs (at the moment) are our enemy. :roll:
Fcuk me, they're at it again, this is deja vu

"STAB is an aggressive nickname", Try w@nker, cnut or just plain half wit
Why not call regular soldiers "stills"...because they are still ARABS!

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