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I apologise in advance for yet another repetitive thread.

However, I’m far too lazy to search and scroll through other threads and replies, so if anyone can help me that would be great.


I've filled in online application to join the 'Regs', what exactly happens now? Do I await a letter for selection date, or will I be called for an interview at local army recruiting office first?

What time period can I expect this to happen?

Obviously I am aware that there are issues with recruitment in the army at the moment.

Again sorry for new thread. I have tried to look on the online application zone, but it appears to have been down for the last few days.
you will get a phonecall asking if you can come in to your local office, he / sge will then got through everything that happens in the process and life in the army etc etc if your still happy to go ahead then she will give you a big brown envelope with your application and a date for your barbb test and a booklet on the barbb for you to study, he/ she will give you some books on the jobs your intrested in....
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