new anti-building launcher?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Robbo_the_duke, May 27, 2009.

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  1. sorry if this has been asked before but i'v just finished watching Ross Kemp in Afganistan and in one of the episode's an Infantry soldier fires some sort of disposable launcher into a taliban position just wondered what it was as i didnt come across it when i was in (left 2006).
    Looked a hell of a lot smaller and lighter than the 94mm and i couldnt find any info or specs on the MoD website

  2. Cancel last, just had another look at the Mod sight and its been updated since i last looked, bout time they brought something new in.
  3. Javelin anti tank missile
  4. Not even close but thanks for trying... :roll:

    T C
  5. i thought you hadn't joined yet billboard

    trying too hard perhaps. javelin aint particularly small, and CERTAINLY not throw away!!
  6. Smaller than a 94?

    Again, thanks for playing.

    T C
  7. one more post and BB's scored a mong hat-trick.
  8. I think Light Anti Structure Munition (version of the 66mm/M72) is the one-shot one, brought in until ASM proper (Matador?) is in service. No idea whether Matador is one shot or reloadable, or deployed yet though.

    Although it could have been an ILAW/AT4 as well?
  9. [​IMG]

    That's the 66mm M72 LAW; the LASM has a larger warhead but is otherwise pretty similar.
  10. Javelin is, I think, a single shot disposable weapon. Although this does not including the Command Launch Unit which is used for targeting. So maybe it could be described as semi-disposable. However, you do not reload a launch tube like a Charlie G. Instead you effectively attach a whole new missile and launch system to the CLU.

    The ASM, as mentioned earlier, will be a single shot disposable weapon.
  11. Pity the editor is talking bollox though. PBX expslosives detonate at the roughly same velocity as other high explosives. It is used because it is an insensitive explosive and will withstand rough handling and won't detonate whilst going through a wall.

    The rumour that the Russians copied the 66mm warhead is also a load of old bollox as well.

    Now if is sex that you want from a 66mm then this is the porn of choice

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    as per milan then!