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Discussion in 'RLC' started by stinker, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen the latest and only copy of Pato News and therefore the wonderful new badges the trade can obtain?

    Sorry, as a bit of a computer biff I cannot publish an example of these unnecessary flashes perhaps someone more computer literate can oblige.

    1. What are they thinking?

    2. What will they think of next?

    3. Who thought it to be a good idea?

    4. Who thought it an idea?

    5. Am I the only one who believes that the solution to the problem of recognition should be financial?

    6. Can we please waste some time/effort in other more important areas (too long a list).

    7. Am I talking out of my arrse and this is a late April Fools?

  2. What! You read the article in PANTO's paper but missed the part about not discussing this on certain internet chat rooms.
    Naughty, naughty. :wink:
    The idea’s crap why after 30 odd years of the STT qualification do we now need a badge? :?
    If they want to give us something – give us more money. :twisted:
  3. Take the discussion elsewhere please. U know where!
  4. Nope.

    If the powers that be listened in the first place then why would this topic even be a conversation, and I feel aggrieved enough to air this "very sensitive" issue here?

    If they dont read it here, then why mention NOT doing so in the article (cheers for the reminder FF).

  5. So now we've overcome the ban on talking about this marvellous new AT Badge, there must be someone out there with the IT ability to scan and get it on The ARRSE!
  6. Or even suggest a few of our own:

    Attached Files:

  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I belive that this is at an early stage and will require RLC/ECAB/ADC support.

    And will require to be at NIL cost or paid for by the Corps i.e. there will be no issue to all AT’s just as the old ones wear out.

    This little project is at the beginning of its life, and it is not likely to be a long one.
  8. Run out of old ones....can't bloody get them anyhow :x Sounds like B****x to me, perhaps time could be better spent managing rather than designing new badges. :roll:

    But if anyone can get a piccy of the aforesaid item, feel free to air it on site.
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Be aware of any copyright issues that may be assoiciated with publishing either the current badge or any proposed future issues.

    As Dibble points out, if you want to be heard then comments via the correct chain.

    Thank you.
  10. Just to be the devils advocate here, I think that its a good idea. I suspect that its all the non HT people who will be gurning abut it.
  11. Will it be retrospective, to allow old operators to continue to silently impress with imagined tales of fictional derring do?
  12. So is this a measure to encourage AT(O)s to become HT trained (IOT reduce the effects of over stretch) or is it just to big up those who already are? Has the fact that it will make second class citizens of those without the wreath been considered? I always though you could tell a HT trained guy by the letters after his name or the number of leathermans he carried; seems like someone is bored!
  13. I think that is exactly its purpose. There is - and has been for decades - a dichotomy in the trade between those who are HT (or all its previous names) and those that aren't. If identifying the HT qualified blokes means that the rest feel compelled to become HT qualified in order to cease being 'second class citizens' (not my choice of phrase) then the badge will have served its purpose. This is exactly what para & cdo units do with their little badges - big up those that are in the gang in order to get more people to join it. Personally I'd rather have a stack of cash by way of recognition, but I must respect the fact that badges are cheaper.

    No post nominals and no leathermans on this callsign.
  14. Apart from 'QC' obviously. Leathermans are probably too big and unweildy for you, I can send you a pair of mini-nailclippers for you to practise with before you do the AMT cse if you want! :p
  15. I don't particulary think that the suggested HT AT badge will cause more "them and us" feeling within the trade than exists already. As for the badge encouraging non HT ATs to pass the course.......if simple peer pressure and trade expectation has not worked, then a small piece of cloth will not make much difference. Whilst the policy on qualification in relation to promotion remains as it is, each AT can make the choice as to their leaning (ammo or EOD) and be employed on the same rates of pay with equal promotion chance.

    All it will really mean is that HT Ops will have to either spend an entire weekend sewing the little buggers on, or carting half their 1157 to the tailors. What next, swagger sticks for AMANDA qualified ATs? :roll: