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New American self heating 18 man ration packs

An interesting new idea from the US.


With a quick pull of a tab, the meals are ready in 30 to 45 minutes and provide a change of pace from Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs). UGR-E modules serve hot meals for up to 18 warfighters without requiring kitchen equipment, cooks, fuel or a power source. UGR-Es also reduce the costs and logistical burden associated with using a field kitchen.
A useful complement to the current rations available. What is it with the new camouflage - it looks old and faded, the contrast between that and the grass the 2 "warfighters" are kneeling on doesn't lead me to believe the camouflage is effective.
"While the food is heating wrfighters can enjoy the snack items included in the UGR-E. These can include M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Trail Mix and powdered beverages," said Dangel.
But my mum always used to tell me off for having chocolate before my dinner. I'm so confused now!
Serving with the septics at the mo. The grey BDUs are supposed to be for all enviroments (they are wearing in IZ).
I think they're great - field grey uniforms, lots of eagle insignia, extreme right wing government, fundamenalist propaganda (ever watch Fox news?) and awesome combined arms power - mmm where have i seen that before?

Camouflage is for pussies!
Passed-over_Loggie said:
No additional weight to carry nor gash to dispose of then. Hell, I wish they were on our side.

All that is required to start the reaction is mixing salt water with the magnesium. The UGR-E contains four heaters that are 10 times the size of each single FRH heater," explained Dangel.

(my bold) And you thought you had problems getting a Gerber past the 'movers' on to the airframe .... :lol:

look like good kit..... mind you, so did MRE's when they first came out.....