New American self heating 18 man ration packs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. An interesting new idea from the US.

  2. Mmmm heat source activated by salt water? Guess the Marines won't want a truck load of these then?
  3. A useful complement to the current rations available. What is it with the new camouflage - it looks old and faded, the contrast between that and the grass the 2 "warfighters" are kneeling on doesn't lead me to believe the camouflage is effective.
  4. No additional weight to carry nor gash to dispose of then. Hell, I wish they were on our side.
  5. Remember 'Hot Cans' ?

    Very good, but quite bulky and expensive. I found two in an old locker last week from about 1987. Havn't had the nerve to try them yet!

  6. Oh yes - The RUC loved 'em on a cold night in NI...
  7. But my mum always used to tell me off for having chocolate before my dinner. I'm so confused now!
  8. That new camouflage i beleive is supposed to be for urban environments.
    Hey buddy we can't eat here we are wearing the wrong camouflage !
  9. Oops, sorry lads maybe they are confederate soldiers from the south!
  10. Serving with the septics at the mo. The grey BDUs are supposed to be for all enviroments (they are wearing in IZ).
    I think they're great - field grey uniforms, lots of eagle insignia, extreme right wing government, fundamenalist propaganda (ever watch Fox news?) and awesome combined arms power - mmm where have i seen that before?

    Camouflage is for pussies!

  11. (my bold) And you thought you had problems getting a Gerber past the 'movers' on to the airframe .... :lol:

    look like good kit..... mind you, so did MRE's when they first came out.....