New Ambulance to replace AFV432

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mobius_Continuum, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. According to the latest DPA Report for 2005, a tender has gone out to T"R"U , TonKA & M.Box Ltd to come up with a new variant Armoured Ambulance to replace the existing AFV 432. The DPA have assessed that, to ensure the medical capability requirement is met with the intriduction of new lightweight armoured and infantry vehicles, the AFV 432 will have to be taken out of service. The initial prototype will be available for December 09 for testing and, possible introduction to the CS Medical Regiments who have AFV432, in 2010. However, the DPA has stipulated, that with current trends in the average height of AMS personnel within the CS Med Regts getting smaller, that these prototypes should be no bigger than the average "Eagle Eye" Action Man and, have the capability for a 5ft 10in adult to sit on move with his/her feet askew the turret should the E-las-ticband 24twirl single drive engine fail.
    I found this strange....anyone else?Or is it true?
  2. No I can well believe this, I also heard that given the fact that most RAMC personel are now female, its going to have hair dryers, and mirrors in it too!!!!
  3. and have no oil because in the future the med sections at Med Regt's will have RGN's in them !

    Oh and pigs will be doing a flypast at the next drumhead service held in Birmingham the home of the RAMC !!!!!!!
  4. Did no one mention ambulances also have to carry patients / casualties? I am sure the Guards Regts will love it.....!
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    2010? That soon.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Hopefully the AMS has set up a committee to investigate what need the AMS has in the new Armd Ambulance.

    Consisting of a couple of RGNs, an OTT, a BMS, Med Storeman, a MO who has never seen a CSMR and a CMT WO who last saw a 432 in his first posting back in 1982. Plus the QA Clinical Governance Specialists to decide where the sinks go.

    Should be ready about 2025, anyway what wrong with a AFV that has been about since 1955, no other Army has made do so long.
  7. I heard that the pope is comming to drive the last AFV 432 out of service. Must be true he's too tall for the replacement TonKA type!
  8. Unfortunately I am the only BMS who keeps getting spammed to work with CSMRs and I really don't want to...........anyway what's a 432 :wink: .....whats an AFV :twisted:
  9. If they are going to take the 432 out of service, why on earth are they playing with a new pack/steering etc? or has that been shelved?
    I expect the 432 to go out of service about the same time hell freezes over.
  10. don't we go through this (or a very similar) hoop about every 10 years??

    breath not being held!
  11. The 432 is having its pack etc upgraded with a mini-me version of Warriors to allow it to continue life until the FRES Ambie (currently a design cartoon) enters service at BG level in 2012 and eventually rolling out to Bde levels in 2015 ish. The closest we have came to getting a decently protected Ambie was the MRAV variant which has been killed off due to high costs. 432 will be around for a very long time to come unless some grown-up in the RAMC decides to tell it like it is and that our soldiers deserve "peace time levels of care while on Ops" and that does not involve travelling in the back of a 50 year old ambie. Wiyhout doubt this arrse piec of kit could be replaced quickly by something off the shelf - Ambie variants of Coyote, ISUZU, Striker etc - it is all down to money and the British Army does not have any for the next ten years or so. It will be interesting to see if a capability gap arises in the next op we go on and if any quick fixes to cas transfer occur - fixes that do not involve SH or Saxon!!! :twisted:
  12. As I understood it the entire RAMC is being disbanded in the next defence review. Soldiers will instead be able to rely on the provisions of the European Health Entitlement card which will be issued to all UK citizens by the end of FY05.
  13. Now thats comedy!
  14. Who needs the AMS when we have the flip card first aid book for the boys at the front?