New Allegations of Torture from Scandawegia


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A different story of dastardly Scandawegian torture has emerged, this time putting a woman in the frame as the Evil One.

A female Danish offr has been sent home from Iraq after an interpreter made a number of allegations against her, including witholding water from a non-compliant prisoner during an interview.

The weak-willed, pinko-liberal clowns that run the gaff have decided to uphold the Iraqi interpreter's story and have begun proceedings against the bint. This is despite a number of reports against the linguist of dereliction of duty, insubordination, striking a superior officer and others.

In one case he commenced a physical attack against an offr with whom he disagreed, after which he was told to choose between giving notice or being fired. He took the latter and on finding himself back home*, decided that he should come clean about the terrible things he had witnessed.
Not a case of sour grapes.

* Home for this Iraqi is in Denmark, as apparently the DSS in Bagdad is not handing out free housing to as high a standard as the Danes.

Not as good a torture story as certain others of late, but perhaps the major media missed them......


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