New Al-Qaeda Leader announced: Ayman al-Zawahiri

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Count Baton, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Cheerful looking ******, but then again his prospects are not too hot!
  2. Tut, I mean he could have trimmed his beard before the released picture.

    Actually I suppose it's a ploy to muddle up the enemy, haven't I seen a man with a beard like that before?

  3. It was touch and go until the 4th pint he necked which went down in about 3 seconds. The Tequila Body shots just sealed the deal and made him the obvious choice to lead the Al-Qaeda Boat Race team.
  4. Count Baton..............You do understand, that these guys would have been nothing if America didnt fund them and pay for their travel expenses during the 70's?

    To be honest, I have always remain firm on my stance, that I would love all these Arabs and armed foreigners to do one from Afghanistan, let them return to their countries of origin, and you guys can go and fight them to kingdom come, oh wait, Saudi Oil means much more to you than an Afghan life, so thats abit useless eh?

    Ayman al Zawahiri is probably hiding in Islamabad,Pakistan like most of them are, not in Afghanistan.
  5. :toilet:

  6. The safest option is to blanket bomb/tac nuke the whole of the middle east. They're a bunch of backwards, donkey *******, inbred, towel wearing fukwits.
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  7. Or Abbottabad.
  8. [​IMG]

    With those glasses and that nose I'm not sure whether that's the real Ayman al-Zawahiri or just Leigh Francis in one of his Bo' Selecta masks.
  9. Similar to the Southern parts of America? Would Israel also be on the rador, or is it because your a Jew yourself?
  10. And if NATO weren't there doing the hard and thankless task that the Afghans should have done for there selves you'd be on here asking why the west isn't doing more to help.

    You clearly feel strongly about the situation in Afghanistan so rather than complaining on the internet why aren't you over there doing something practical about it?
  11. Count baton, you always Ahem to that, Ahem to this, so do you support what the Yank said above, that its reasonable to nuke innocent civilians? The west will never destroy the Islamist, because its their useful tool to overthrow Secular Socialist Muslim governments, as we are witnessing in Libya, it wont be long before we see a Syrian Islamist party being funded by Nato!

    I hope a strong SCO is established, a Union of Russia,China,Central Asian resourceful states with the parts of Asia except Pakistan.

    Nato and Western Imperialism has gone over the top, I dred seeing the world ruled by the likes of Smugde.
  12. Very similar to the South of the US. But they're happy making moonshine, playing banjos, and ****ing their sisters. Not making the world a thoroughly miserable place by bitching about everthing that happens to be non-muslim.

    Smash Israel too! Why not.
  13. Fixed that for you.
  14. Don't you worry fella. You won't, well not for long anyway. You'll be 1st against the wall. I'll even do the dirty myself.
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