New Airport Scanners. Give Naked Image

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kingburn_99, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. When was the last time you were at manchester airport?

    You will get to look at the men.
  2. Its been getting used in a mobile van during a Pilot scheme. Its a jolly good bit of kit but stand by for the complaints from fat people (According to the staff who have been trialling it).
  3. Also, the operator is sat in a little room, can't see the person and phones and cameras aren't how long before you find you've been cracking one out over A) a tranny in very tight y-fronts or B) a fairly slim long haired hippie type with pert moobs??
  4. Will it offend people of certain religions?

    I only asked :roll:
  5. And how long before an operator sues for damages caused by viewing ugly, fat carcasses dragging themselves from Maccy D's to catch the early Easyjet bus to Sorrento?
  6. I imagine so. There are going to be alot of issues with its use as some Human Rights types will just winge because there is something to winge about.

    I think the way airports will get round it will be to not make it mandatory to walk through one, instead beneficial.

    So the quick queue through security will employ one of these where as the normal queue (read slow queue will be done by a 86 year old member of G4S.
  7. I'd rather risk the x-ray machine than get felt up by a bored Manc with spots and grubby finger nails....shudder!!!
  8. What's wrong with that??
  9. I think they would have to put you through the bagged X-ray BB
  10. I can't see what the fuss is about, to be honest.

    Your options at the airport are:

    a) Be eyed up, touched up and sent on your merry way
    b) walk through the scanner, be eyed up, and sent on your merry way

    It's all there for a reason and if you don't want to subject yourself to this, then don't fly. It's a privilage after all. You can always take the bus or ferry?

    My understanding is that the heavy breathing person at the other end looking at your images won't be able to keep the images, reproduce them, or do anything un-toward with them, and I think the security guys are security cleared? Wouldn't the images be looked after under the Data Protection or one of those acts and destroyed shortly after?
  11. Nah...the calibre of the machine is way too small!!
  12. Dover Docks :? :D
  13. with them big overhead cranes like the Harland and Wolfe ones :D