New airmen and women for the New Year

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 27, 2012.

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  2. These feeds kill me. Aren't they redundant yet?
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  3. "Read all about it, read all about it! Recruits finish training shock! MinAF said to be flabbergasted - "I didn't think we had an Airforce left""
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  4. Absolute non story. How much are the MOD paying people to make up interesting shit about a run of the mill occurence?
  5. How sad things have got, 68 recruits? a single tucano plane does a fly past. Yet the MOD PR Dept still thinks this is something to celebrate. Shameful.
  6. Just finished basic training and still some fatties, a great advert for the RAF!
  7. The recruit nearest the camera has the same physique as Russell Grant. The mess must have improved at Halton since I was there. The rancid civvie slop jockeys served up the most gopping shoite I've ever had the misfortune to eat

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  8. Oh well, at least this feed doesn't make us look like even bigger ***** in front of the Army

    I other news SAC ties shoelace, Flt Lt makes the teas.......where's the feckin rolling eyes icon?
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Probably to replace those who have had enough of the bullshit & are PVR'ing...One of my mates left in October,turned down his promotion to Flight Sgt & is now working 9-5 for MDBA with a sideline in custom gold clubs & he's loving it!
  10. What the **** is the moody heffalump at the back of the inspecting group?

    Is the gwa crimping a particularly difficult shit out while barcode man speaks to her?

    How do you finish basic that fat?
  11. Some horrific bodies considering they've just completed a demanding course... Does the RAF have a weight watchers menbership discount?
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  12. The bloke on the right's had plenty of feeds and they may kill him too.
  13. Bring back Swinderby! At least we left there fit.
    Not quite sure what we were fit for.
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  14. Oh my god... How to shoot yourself in the foot, by the RAF PR department. Look at those fat *******!

    ps. Is that RAF Regt? And if so, are they SF??

    pps. i actually feel physically sick and mildly annoyed looking at that picture. Those are brand new recruits??? Fecking DISGUSTING
  15. Believe me. You can get plenty of pies after you leave the mob if you want em. I can vouch for that, but this lot. Lean mean fighting machine. Lol!