New Aftershave

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spank-it, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. I'm sick of the "STARS" marketing their own
    brands so I've decided to make up an "Arrse" brand
    of my own but can't choose which direction to go in.

    Any help from you Naafi knobs would be appreciated ? :lol:




    and one for yourselves to mess around with:


    In your own time carry on: - - - - Do your worst fellas.

    Edited by me; coz I had giant images up < knob

  2. I cannot manage the graphics bit but:

    [align=center]Autumn Day
    The scent of burnt powder, Hoppe's No.9 Nitro Solvent, gun oil and wet springer spaniel

    [/align]A combination of the scents most appealing to men. (not sure if the Hoppe's reference will translate across the pond but on my side the name or the smell bring reminders of a nice day of shooting.)
  3. W4NK...pour Homos.
  4. The honk of wet cam nets (the old hessian pre plastic ones)
  5. You Brut, you Brut, you Brut.
  6. L'Essence d'une nuit de Belfast,



  7. L'eau du cum for ladies of no virtue.

    A mellow cloudy white perfume with a subtle hint of saltiness that can be rubbed in to those area such as the chest or chin or to freshen up those nether regions on a hot day.
  8. Stale Sweat

    That mix of old socks - damp kecks and the inside of a gonkbag.

    It makes you feel like man; it makes you smell like one.

    It makes you feel yourself up; it makes you smell as if you did!
  9. "Skiff-eau"
    A long lasting, nutty, slightly metallicy scent that's ideal for the upper lip post shave.

    "Parfum d'compo sugar"
    An indiscribable smell that bears no resemblance to sugar, an assault on the senses as soon as the tin opens.

    The last one will make no sense to people who have never smelt a tin of compo sugar
  10. Now that was funny!
  11. Why is it in a mayonnaise bottle?