New Afghan Army Counter-IED Team demonstrates skills

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 9, 2012.

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  2. Can we have a running tally on their losses once they start operating anywhere serious?
  3. Good, there are loads of ANA soldiers, crack on.
  4. Bollocks, I can't see any afghans pulling IEDs out by the wires....
  5. Over a hundred of them working across the Country, some of them for nearly 3 years non-stop. None have been killed when they have been working in their assigned role.

    Do you have a point or just trying to live up to your name?
  6. The ANP have been doing it for years its called.

    Insha'Allah BARMA, which is used in conjunction with Farmer BARMA and Donkey BARMA.
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  7. Funny cos I witnessed the afghan callsign I was mentoring pull an IED out of the ground, stick it in the back of their Ranger and proceed to drive it back to their PB over rough ground.

    Stupid as **** yes. But they aren't afraid to get amongst it.
  8. Its difficult to be scared if you are too stupid to know what's what...
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  9. Officer killed while trying to defuse bomb -

    The select committee briefing didn’t go well either... When they asked if the Afghans were going to be ready to take over EOD. The briefer replied a resounding “NO” and when asked the reason he quoted a numeracy and literacy rate of 2% as the first of many reasons.

    But no youre right, no Afghan bomb disposal have been killed!!!
    The newspapers must have been talking about a different Afghanistan EOD Unit.
  10. You missed out Ranger barma and Hummer barma :0)

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  11. In Afghanistan the vast majority of devices are pretty rudimentary, the key is finding them then knowing what to do.

    They've been mentored so know how to render safe a device and they're probably better at finding them than us - after all it is their environment.
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  12. I think it's covered under insha'allah BARMA.
  13. It was ANP, so probably not a trained operator. The article assumes its an EOD unit because the ANP started to tamper with the device.
  14. You'd surprised how many ISAF commanders are trained and willing to do Insh'Allah BARMA....
  15. Ah ARMOUR BARMA love it.

    Nothing like traveling in a MASTIFF when the crew use it :)