New ACF Rank and appointment

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by emptyeye, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Looks like Hants and IOW ACF has re written all the manuals regarding rank:

    They made up a new one!!!

    WO1 (RSM) xxxxxxxxx AGC (RMP) (ACF)

    Ive never seen so many brackets in one sentence. And as it seems that county HQ are happy with that rank, it must mean that hes the same as a real WO1 (RSM) AGC RMP??

    Funny, I thought that it was just RSMI, (as hes not in the army in that postion) but call me old fashioned.....
  2. Can you PM his name? I'm dying to take the pish.
  3. Perhap's 5.56's incredible level of kit knowledge and desire to talk about it has earnt him WO1 in the ACF already? The title definitely sounds about right... (agc and rmp *shudder*)
  4. Is there a link?

  5. Done and sent

  6. No such beast as WO1 in the ACF in fact, no warrant officers at all

    Warrant =thing hanging on my wall signed by Malcolm Rifkin in a very nice frame
  7. True, no such thing as WO1 or 2, only SMI's.

    However, there is an RSMI, so is there a CSMI? Its just ive never heard of a CSMI....

  8. Nope, an SMI doing the job of Company Sergeant Major is still SMI
  9. I beleive I know this person. He did his 22 in the Regs, joined the TA and is on an FTRS to the cadets. He is a real Warrant Officer and earned his rank.
  10. Yeah, the warrant he has is for his previous service, it doesnt carry over, RSMI not WO1(RSM)
  11. Are you saying that someone who earned his rank in the Regs and TA with 25 years experience and a number of op tours under his belt is not allowed to carry his rank over to help run and organise the HQ (whilst on an FTRS, being paid by the army) of a youth organisation based on the army and which the army runs?
  12. depends whos paying him

    If he is still technically a reg/TA then yes

    If he is a member of the ACF then no
  13. Is this WO1 (RSM) xxxxxxxxx AGC (RMP) (ACF) an instructor, CAA or TSA?

    In the county I belong to, when a new CAA is employed they hold the rank they left the army as. That is until they commission. They can also wear the cap badge they wore too.

    If this fella is on FTRS he'll be a Training Safety Advisor and entitled to keep his rank.

  14. If he was a Reg (FTRS is actually a role for a TA soldier, for the spotters) he would surely be just WO1 Joe Bloggs AGC (RMP) - or, more likely, WO1 Joe Bloggs RMP - the ACF post-nominal (not the correct term, I know) wouldn't come into the equation at all. I'm sure he must be very, very capable if he managed to become a WO1 in his previous service and full credit to the bloke for helping out in the ACF - there are many of his experience who would think the ACF was 'beneath them'.
  15. C_P,
    I am sure you are right. But regarding the brackets, all RMP are AGC (RMP), to distinguish them from AGC (SPS), AGC (MPGS), AGC (ALS) et al.
    As he is not there as provost, but that RMP is his cap badge, I am assuming he is putting ACF in brackets to try to differentiate between the two, as he probably doesn't want any local unit to think there is an RMP post located at that point.