New accomodation... £21.9 million

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wildcard.rgbw, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Kind of find this expenditure outrageous when the TA is having to cut its MDTs and training weekends to the bone.

    What is available to the RM or any of the service's at the mo isn't the best but it does the job, this is simply wasting money on giving the bootnecks 5* accomodation.

    I think we need to really make a list of the most stupid, outrageous, and biggest wastes of tax payers money.

    Mind you, it does look comfy! Do need the set the booties apart :oops:

    How about they try and start improving the basics we need NOW.

    "At the Defence Estates Conference in March 2001, the then Secretary of State for Defence, Mr Geoff Hoon MP announced an additional �1bn of new funding over a 10 year period for raising the standard of single living accommodation (SLA) demonstrating the high value the MOD places on it�s Service personnel and it�s commitment to significantly improve living standards. Project SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) is the tri-service project which is delivering modern SLA for our Armed Forces personnel across Great Britain.

    The project is being delivered by Defence Estates (DE) in conjunction with Debut Services Ltd (DSL) a consortium led by Bovis Lend Lease and Babcock Support Services Ltd, acting as the Prime Contractor responsible for design, construction and initial 7 year maintenance of the new facilities. This project is a clear example of the DE�s Prime Contracting Initiative producing better value through collaborative working between the construction industry and MOD"
  2. They call you Trigger right?
  3. Sorry CQMS I don't quite follow... trigger... I'm just really disheartened about whats happening atm
  4. :D :D :D

  5. Surely this money has been spent seeing that it was allocated in 2001...
  6. Stayed at the new type blocks in Faslane earlier this year, man did I join the wrong service, even had bloody lifts in!
  7. The accommodation at Shrivenham is excellent. Was like a hotel room. The en-suite shower is better than the one in my Quarter!
  8. Having lived in some of the holes the army had a cheek to charge me for the privilege and now being affect by the TA cut's I know were I'd rather the money spent. Now stop whining like a fcuking bitch deal with it or hand the green kit back in.
  9. rgbw.

    I assume you are TA. thus you go home to a nice house every night...

    Many Regs have been living in slums for years. Both singlies and pads. Many have no doubt signed off due to the terrible housing. In some cases the buildings are not fit for human occupation (probably not even animals), thus the spend.

    Sorry, about the TA getting cut back and all, and I really think it stinks, but this modernisation must continue... besides, IIRC some accomodation modernisation was part of the same cuts as teh TA training... wasn't it?
  10. The thing is when slam comes on line so does the costs. Standby for some young soldiers who are currently making pay as you dine work now finding that they have to pay top dollar for the accomdation. I think you may see young soldiers with no money by mid month!

    As to the TA I am truly sorry and with something like 49M in year savings the only cash they can turn to is wages. They cant go to the regulars and as they are now at full strength it falls to everyone to take the cuts. What is not known is how hard it is going to effect the TA. It is quite possible this is the end of the TA OR it will take years to get back to where they were now.

    It would also appear that there is still funding for Op support and this might include Ph1, Ph2 and Trg course so the recruit will be ready for trg for ops. HOWEVER, those preparing for war as opposed to those preparing for the current war will clearly bear the brunt of the cut.

    C1 trg has been used before. It was used years ago and does lead to some innotive thought on how to train. Now you will see some real time leadership. It also means that the soldiers will not turn up for those things like ECI, recruiting displays etc. That will be where some interesting fall out will occour. Late ECI, poor reports, units unable to hand over accounts in line with SPS direction. MFP reports showing red instead of green etc etc. As for driving a wedge inbetween the forces where it has taken 20 years to get to one army concept only to now find out where the cuts are and the perception is that they are not equal.

    Just my understandings and I may be wrong and well off the mark
  11. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
    For years these inspecting officers, politicians etc listened to the whinges about having to pay for food when they didn't eat it, weekends away etc. So they brought in PAYD to increasing calls for it and suddenly get an earbending because it's not what they thought it would be.
    Again, years of moaning about living in accn (and I remember the 10 man rooms, 4 men rooms as a full screw and a 10 x 8 foot box in the Sgts Mess) which has needed upgrading for many years. And as soon as they do something about it, out come the moans.
    Sorry, these things cost money. Nowadays, permission to live out is given much easier than in my day so, if you don't like the swish pads and the rent, get outside and rent in the market. You could also buy your own food from Tescos or whatever and save on the PAYD. Army pay nowadays (whilst not fantastic) is certainly more than what many people have to bring up a family on (OK, maybe not for recruits but you shouldn't be living out then, anyway).
    Good old squaddies, though, can't get a through a day without a good moan which is what it always was and ever will be.
  12. rgbw, if you check the DIN about the cuts in TA training, you will also notice that some of the refurbishment of single soldiers accm has been delayed/cancelled. Whilst not being able to train with your unit must be disheartening, it has nothing on continuing to live in run down and condemmed blocks.
  13. I'm sure most of us could name various barracks where SLAM will NEVER happen(not outside Off'rs and MAYBE Snco's Messes,anyway) come what may with regard to funding and however long said barracks remain open... :x
  14. Why use one word when you can use lots and acronyms, must be a full time job for an entire department.

    10 year period for raising the standard of single living accommodation (SLA)

    Project SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation)

    The project is being delivered by Defence Estates (DE)

    in conjunction with Debut Services Ltd (DSL)

    SLAM aims to minimise the consumption of energy and water, and the discharge of substances harmful to the environment.

    Every SLAM project is assessed using the Defence Related Establishments Environmental Assessment Methodology (DREEAM).
  15. That depends on your point of view.

    Accom. like Cavalry Barracks isn't fit for animals, but decent accom. is a nice to have. Retaining and training the TA is - I would have thought - an essential part of our defence strategy.