New A-Team trailer released

With Mr T currently scraping around doing Snickers adverts I noticed he isn't that past it, FFS Sly is still making films!

Why oh why did they not cast him in this remake?!
I read on 'tinternet that all three surviving cast members where going to appear in this film but only Mr T turned it down, i guess the original faceman and howling mad murdoch are still in it.

I'm surprised this didn't appear in the shortt thread of fun and frivolty.

If i c0ck up my TA training again i'm going to become an A-team re-enactor.
this is edging BEYOND blasphemy. Its wrong on SO many levels. How can they screw up so many childhood memories. I mean, i though that the new Knight Rider was bad enough now this? Touch Airwolf and there are going to be issues!!!!!!

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