New 9th/12th CO

Discussion in 'RAC' started by griffin, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the new (as of next week) 9th/12th CO? I've been searching to little avail...

    I believe he's from KRH, but I could be wrong there.
  2. Isnt this an OPSEC issue?
  3. SIR????
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  4. Not really he was on TV last night in uniform with his name, rank and unit displayed. :)
  5. Its a McDonalds manager??
  6. I don't think a McDonalds manager Will take such a Fooking massive step down to be honest. ;-)

    See what I did there!
  7. 3/4 Sir?
    Seeing as its the 3/4 of orse it must be 3/4 of an Officer:crash:
  8. Although, as they can't even get the Bde they are in correct, I would not hold out much hope for success down that avenue.
  9. 3/4 toothpick not orse. :)
  10. No way they would only break it! Atleast a orse can do a swift "tactical withdrawl":eye:
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  11. ..Because he got decent job instead! :)
  12. Lietenant Colonel Rupert Blenkinsop Cholmondley the 3rd, OBE, MC&3 Bars.

    Don't say who bubbled him!
  13. Capital news what what. Old 'Farty Bummly' Cholmondley getting to lead out the pony club what. I distinctly remember boffing old Diana Drizzling-Pidell in the tack room after the hunt ball at his Ma and Pa's place, or rather Palace, and he came in asking for buttered muffin. Top hole what.