New 42" TV + Blu ray player

Looking at getting a Panasonic TX-L42S10 and an LG BD390.

Any good, any other advice. Currently have a 16 year old Toshiba CRT which still works, so am reluctant to fork out cash if the results are not going to be that much better. Ive heard some great things about this new viewing format.

Im not an armchair sportsman so that argument does not even enter the equation. LCD\LED new technology so it can wait.
Is an LCD screen the best for all round viewing?
Will Sylvia Saints, Mason Marconis, snatch look any better in HD1080p?
Plasma What the feck is all that about? While watching Star Wars, will my TV start shooting at me for extra realism?
Choice is limited over here. Import is not an option, and we just dont get the all in one combo offers like you do in the UK.
Should I just save my self a wad of cash and hand in my TV licence?(Tempted)
I have an LCD TV, and a plasma TV, and blu-ray players on them both.

I was sceptical about the old HD malarky until Lefty showed me the quality on his home cinema set up (the flash cnut)

My neighbour has just bough a LED TV, and the quality is outstanding.

The LCD is good, if not a little old. The contrast is better on a LED, or a plasma compared to the LCD.

It all depends on your budget. Definately get a blu-ray.


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For a hundred kroner more/ £10, you could buy a Playstation 3 which is a pretty good bluray player and also does other stuff (games, bbc i player etc etc)
Still umming and arring over the Playstation thing.

Budget is a £950 about 10000Nkr. If I dont have to spend it I wont.
Im after picture quality and sound quality. All other bits and bobs can wait.
Been looking at this one aswell LG 42LH5000

Panasonic do a G10. If your budget allows it go for it.

Scratch that.....its LCD your after, the G10 is Plasma...carry on.


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I have a 40" Samsung LCD which is soooooo good I got a playstation 3 which has a blue ray viewer all for less than £950, prior to that I had a LG 42" Plasma which blew up a week after the 3 year warranty ended. All this is rounded off with Sky+ HD to be honest the picture quality is fantastic and you will be asking yourself how you ever managed without it. I would never recommend plasma the picture quality and contrast just don't compare to LCD, I have not seen or met anyone with LED but I have heard it is a different class to the rest. Try and get 100 Hz it cuts out some of the blurring on some big screens.


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Joker62 said:
maguire said:
I'd get a Panasonic BR player meself - it'll be optimised to work with the telly and currently their range is getting rave reviews. I got the BD35 last year from Richer's (at over twice the price!) and they're currently knocking them out for £100.

it'll work wonders with your existing dvd collection too.
Does it enhance the DVD picture/quality?
very much so - not to the point where it's as good as a well-mastered BR disc (I've raved before about the BR versions of 2001 and John Carpenter's The Thing) but you will get a better picture in terms of detail and also, I find, in colour.

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