new 38th "Irish Brigade "Ulster title to be dropped

new 38th "Irish Brigade "Ulster title to be dropped
Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 9:15 am

The 8th and 39th infantry brigade the Royal Irish the other military deployments and the 107 brigade name will go.

In paticular there is concern that the 107 (ulster)brigade once part of the 36th Ulster division,which fought at the somme in 1916 will be lost.

However it is believed the name change is causing controversy among senior army personel.

This is another sinister attempt to erode british identity in the province said MLA Michael Copeland.

The efforts to strip the word Ulster from the army as was done in policing ,must not continue if we are to remain a recognisable group in the United Kingdom.

Belfast News Letter Wed May 3rd 2006

Another Bliar special what,what!

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I see you point, but....Just as I am proud of the name 'Ulster', I am proud of the name 'Irish'

38 Irish brigade has a glorious history too. They fought valiantly in north africa in WW2. Yes, it is a shame that 107 (U) Bde may be going, particulaly with the links it has to WW1 and the Somme. But the current 107 (Ulster) Brigade was only formed in 1988. Maybe the formation of one all-encompassing Reg/TA brigade in NI is something we can be proud of, whatever it is called.

Btw, the name 'Ulster' is still alive in the army in 206 (Ulster) Battery Royal Artillery (V), 40 (Ulster) Signal Regt (V), 152 (Ulster) Amb Regt RLC (V).

Just sayin'... like.

HVM Boy...sssh!! Don't draw attention to it, or the PC lobby will be on your trail! 8) Faugh o ballagh!
so what if the title "Ulster" goes - dozens of county and city associations have long gone - just more orange whinging when the big boys this side of the water got on with it. We are all hurting at the currant changes but if we don't move on we will be stuck in the past and getting nowhere - pretty much like most of NI
You guys should know the form by now - if it is of worth, if it is of meaning and relevance to someone, then it is disposed of;

They did it to my regiment in '92 when they spliced it into the 'war dodgers', never to be seen or spoken of again......

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