new 38th "Irish Brigade "Ulster title to be dropped

Discussion in 'ACF' started by ulsterism, May 3, 2006.

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  1. The 8th and 39th infantry brigade the Royal Irish the other military deployments and the 107 brigade name will go.

    In paticular there is concern that the 107 (ulster)brigade once part of the 36th Ulster division,which fought at the somme in 1916 will be lost.

    However it is believed the name change is causing controversy among senior army personel.

    This is another sinister attempt to erode british identity in the province said MLA Michael Copeland.

    The efforts to strip the word Ulster from the army as was done in policing ,must not continue if we are to remain a recognisable group in the United Kingdom.

    Belfast News Letter Wed May 3rd 2006

    Another Bliar special what,what!
  2. And to add what Bliar is doing is to deconstruct the British Army,The Police the local government and GENERALLY USE US AS GUNIEA PIGS beware !!!!

    if you think that the people in Northern Ireland dont really matter WATCH CLOSE because every thing he TESTS on us he then exports to YOU!

    We will not loose our right to protest as you already have.

    think about it?
  3. Soon it will be "The place that soldiers fought and died for but now is forgotten due to PC and the feelings of Adams et al!"

    Thank you Blair for taking away the identity of the forces bit by bit. You could be compared to gangrene......eating the living flesh of the forces on a daily basis.

    The above statement is a personal reflection and in no way takes away from the truth that most of the voting public think you are a tw@t :twisted:

  4. Yeah I've heard wind of this 107 (U) Bde loss - we've been told to prepare to change our flashes

    I like the old shamrock and red hand :(
  5. ulsterism,

    I am in agreement with you, but I'll be a little pedantic and voice my uneasiness about your use of an avatar showing the 'Black & Tans' (with a dead body in the background).
  6. are they B+Ts or are they A Specials ( who were distinct from the B Specials), who were even worse. They blinded my great uncle for reason
  7. Maybe i could put a picure of teebane,la mon,eniskillen,omagh,gibraltar,milltown, and use it as my altvar.

    jaw jaw is better than war war.winston churchill.

    Of all the far flung parts of the british empire ULSTER was one part not flung far enough.OSCAR WILDE.
  8. did you google ULSTER & Quotes what reason did you quote "Of all the far flung parts of the british empire ULSTER was one part not flung far enough.OSCAR WILDE" in regards to the other comments ?
  9. and to follow my uncle was exiled from Ireland by the provisional government and told if he set foot in ireland ever again he would be executed so he never did (just like others today)victims are universal.
  10. I see your point, but....Just as I am proud of the name 'Ulster', I am proud of the name 'Irish'

    38 Irish brigade has a glorious history too. They fought valiantly in north africa in WW2. Yes, it is a shame that 107 (U) Bde may be going, particulaly with the links it has to WW1 and the Somme. But the current 107 (Ulster) Brigade was only formed in 1988. Maybe the formation of one all-encompassing Reg/TA brigade in NI is something we can be proud of, whatever it is called.

    Btw, the name 'Ulster' is still alive in the army in 206 (Ulster) Battery Royal Artillery (V), 40 (Ulster) Signal Regt (V), 152 (Ulster) Amb Regt RLC (V).

    Just sayin'... like.


    PS: this thread seems very familiar, i'm sure someone posted a similar one yesterday....
  11. Don't get me wrong ulsterism, I was not having a go. I come from a very old Ulster family (pre-Plantation) on my father's side, and from a family of Scots Presbyterians settled there on my mother's side.

    I agree with you. IRA 'patriots' attempted to burn down my grandfather's home, until he managed to 'persuade' them to do otherwise (ironically, he had spent some time as a guest of His Majesty in Ballykinlar...). Those were strange and bad days.

    They were either 'Black & Tans' or Auxiliaries ('the Auxies') - 'the Auxies' tended to have a more 'uniform' uniform. I doubt if the photograph was taken outside of what would then become the Free State.

    Nice to see your avatar is now of 'Paddy' Mayne, ulsterism - a fine man.
  12. In the bar of the LIR about 20 years ago, there was an old geezer telling us all how he had been Mayne's driver in the SAS in the desert. He was wearing a suit and an SAS tie, and a hooded anorak, which, inexplicably, he had not removed.

    As he got drunker and drunker, he was regailing us with tales of derring-do, and berating us, the young, because we were all poofs and pansies, and he could sneak up on us at any time and deliver a fatal blow, and could kill any one of us if he wanted to and blah blah blah.

    Becoming tired of this, I manoevered my self behind him, and knowing the extreme danger I was in, began to carefully deposit beer bottles, (empty of course) , and beer cans into his hood. A good dozen or so....

    The others were incredulous, and could only stare and wonder at my bravery, some even turned away to hide their tears :wink:

    The driver, not receiving any comments or praise, then clanked his way out of the Duke of Yorks, into the Kings Road to an unknown fate. :twisted:

    How we chortled :)