Never Worked

I can see where she is coming from, but I don't have much sympathy.

She could perhaps start with voluntary work ata local cattery or kennels? I know of many that need dog walkers.

It doesn't pay but it does show willing.

I would agree with her that as a full time mum, she had a job. It shouldn't be an essential for BOTH parents to work.

This is exactly why, I would see people given work (even make work like cleaning hte streets) get them out of their houses and on tot he work.

And then, where needed, give them training.

it will work out cheaper than having millions on the dole and never contributing.

But then some would whinge about human rights, and it would probably cost votes.
I recently read the CV of someone in their mid-twenties who's never had a real job.

Laugh? I nearly shat.


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Finding work is hard, writing a CV and handing it out... yes it is, but when you admit that you find yourself sat at home watching TV all day or going to see your other young chav mums then I'd say you have enough time on your hands to sort yourself out.

It's not that sodding difficult.

Admitting your failures and a will to do better is all well and good - but until you pull your finger out it's just rhetoric.
Its a shame about what happened to her son, but 28 years and not bothered finding any sort of work? Even if you have no work ethic at all, surely you'd get the dog over having no spends after a while? Mind you, would you hire someone like that who hadn't done anything for 28 years to work for you?
Never worked,everything paid for by the State (you& me).
Like most unemployed they'd lose so much by working that its better to do nothing and claim for everything, most of them have a better standard of living than people who have worked all their life :x
Okay if you're on the dole you're on the dole but don't reproduce if you are on the dole - kids deserve much better
Elizabeth "feels angry" at herself for not getting into work
Feck me! I didn't think I'd have anything in common with that grotesque waste of space.

Never 'got round' to getting a job? How about we don't 'get round' to paying your fucking benefits, you idle bitch?

As for the daughter:

"Hopefully in five years time I'll have a big fancy house, if I get the right job."
Aye, right! Who's going to pay that much for a quick shag round Anderston Bus Station?
Is there a pattern emerging here?
She doesn't think school wanted her to stay on because she "wasn't too bright" and used to bunk off a lot

while Jon has "gone off the rails" and started truanting from school.
Now this is amusing

I'd need to sign on [for unemployment benefit] again and I don't want that because I think I'm too old to sign on.
and finally

Elizabeth is aware there are some who would criticise her life. She would agree, she says, with those who say it is "terrible" that taxpayers should be in the position of paying for those without work.

"I'm sorry they have to pay tax money to me. If I could get a job... give me a job then and I'll work, and then they won't have to pay me."
Give you a job?

Not one single part of that whole article made me feel sorry for her, and it wasn't a sensationalist soaraway Sun article, or was it very subtle at winding up the easily outraged?
FFS, sorry to say but, erm, Tesco? Asda? Lidl (she's in Easterhouse anyway...)?

Glasgow is not exactly an unemployment blackspot - although it's had its moments in the past - and there's definitely work and / or training to be had there. Might not be paying megabucks but everyone's got to start somewhere.

People such as this woman who aren't getting off their arr$es and doing something about it really grip me.


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Another feckless idle waster. Her benefits should be stopped immediately. Get a f*cking job you lazy bitch. :x
Bowmore_Assassin said:
Another feckless idle waster. Her benefits should be stopped immediately. Get a f*cking job you lazy bitch. :x
I've got a job for her, cleaning the cheese out of my knob! :D
Its it a right pain if said knob is hard so this ugly biatch will not have a problem, pay is quite good as it is a big job!!! :roll:
Bradstyley said:
Mind you, would you hire someone like that who hadn't done anything for 28 years to work for you?
Nope...they are a bone idle waste of space and would be a liability to any employer.

Yep! the Workshy becomes a way of life.... several generations living in the same flat.... shacked up with 2 of her sons in the same bedroom...ain't that illegal?

Anyway.... There are some families with 3 and 4 generations that have never worked, and have no intention of working - legit that is. Maybe black market, cash in hand, or going out robbing folks.

My Old Ma used to do voluntary work with the local WRVS, and she said she regularly had to deal with certain families in Dundee who had Gandads, Grandmas, Mums, Dads and a blatter of kids with grandchildren who have never worked in their lives. Most of them from the Hilltoon area of the city, or from the Douglas area. They know how to legally 'fiddle' the Social Security system and milk it for everything can get....

I know what long periods of unemployment are like. I was out of work for several 6 month periods in the late 1970s after I left the Army. Again in 1984 through to 1985, about 13 months. But I never gave up. I worked at the local Bru office in Dundee in temporary jobs, so I saw it from both sides of the Counter.

I do accept there is that chance of falling into despair and depression especially if every job application seems to get nowhere!!

It can be hard, but there should be no excuse for turning down training courses..... but then if hese lazy Bar-stewards don't get up until midday.... then theyre not much use to any employer....

(If at first you don't succeed, give up, go doon the local Pub and have a Jar) :oops: :oops: :p
Rodney2q said:
Bradstyley said:
Mind you, would you hire someone like that who hadn't done anything for 28 years to work for you?
Nope...they are a bone idle waste of space and would be a liability to any employer.

Exactly! Hard to know which is worse, a middle aged loser whos never worked, or some of the young ones we get here who can't read or write properly and can barely speak, expecting me to let them loose on customers-we get pr@ts turning up for job interviews wearing fcuking tracksuits, just going through the motions of pretending to sign up for work so they can keep their jobseekers...I mean at least the young one's problems could be corrected over time, but its not worth the hassle...
I'd a period of unemployment this year from August to October and I spent every-single-day going to websites, chasing up headhunters / recruitment people and basically being a pain in the butt until I got a new job.

Personally speaking I absolutely HATE being unemployed; it drives me up the wall and daytime TV is such astonishingly bad sh!t as to confirm for me that TV is being used to slowly send the long-term idle into a state of catatonia.

Edit: I was very fortunate that I'd enough money in the bank that I didn't sign on. Haven't signed on since I was 19 and don't intend to start now aged...nearly 40.
Unemployment (or as I liked to call it 'Out of work experience') is something everyone should try once in their life.

The pay is atrocious but the hours are fantastic.
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