Never volunteer for...?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. I am surprised that no-one has asked this question before. A quick search revealed 3 threads - one of which finished up like this....

    The Latin for "Never Volunteer...."

    So, the question is "For what should a soldier never volunteer...?

    My two choices are:

    1. ...the Guardroom.
    2. ...the Cold and Flu Research Dept at Porton Down (it was always advertised on Pt 1s when I were a lad - and, for some strange reason, I never felt tempted).

    Over to you...

  2. Anything, apparently.
  3. Anything if the 'requester' is smirking.
  4. When the requester says "There's nothing sinister in this" :evil:
  5. Does anybody here have a motorbike license? :)
  6. NEVER volunteer for anything!

    It usually isn't what it says on the tin :evil:
  7. Cnone training.
  8. I was told that a volunter was someone who didn't understand the question.......
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sod that, the battle run was bad enough. It killed any chance of a blocked node for the next month!

    As for volontolding:

    1. Unit Adventure Trg Offr, the admin is a nightmare.

    2. "Oh that's OK I'll do your Orderly Officer over Christmas, and you can do my summer bit" --------WRONG!
  10. Can't do Latin is Arabic ok
    أبدا تطوّعت ل أيّ شيء
  11. a mate of mine on our trade course volunteered to pack an Sgt's car with his bags (carrying them from the Sgts mess to the carpark next to the mass of caravans at Blandford... many of you will know this distance...) who was 'very busy and needed to leave by 4pm' undet the provision that said Sgt would buy them a coupla beers in the bar that evening.

    out by 4pm.... beers this evening...

    can't believe the mong fell for it. muppet.

    so yes, lesson being, enever volunteer, even if there is a reward offered.
  12. ....a jolly down at Castle Martin, "loads to do at the weekend lads, and you'll get to play with some decent kit"

    Lying c*nt
  13. join the AGC mate! its loads of fun!
  14. Id rather lay in freshly laid tarmac and be steamrollered by a Chally 2
  15. From a nice old ww2 vintage sqn leader (vrt)
    "Can any of you chaps play the piano"
    "Erm a bit sir" said a tremulous young polar69
    "Good, here's some money, get the beers in"

    Funny lot the Raf.