Never trust the wife

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Themanwho, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday, as a little valentines joke, I bought a Tescos Value box of chocs and my tame IT geek made up a Tesco Value card to go with it. This was presented to wifey as I left for work. As an extra sickener, I then came back to the door with a parcel saying, " Actually I got you this darling". Wifey then happily unwrapped what turned out to be a Tesco Value handheld vacuum cleaner (Top value at £7.99). Cue me running away giggling and wifey snarling and laughing at the same time.

    Knowing she was out at lunchtime, I nipped home, and left her a rose in a vase, a tin of nice chocs and a proper card (all from WAITROSE), with "GOTCHA" written on the envelope. She rang me about 4pm, saying thanks etc, what time are you home? Well, I said, I need to get a haircut so I'll be a little late. don't bother, I'll do it she volunteered. As my hair cut of choice is a No2 all over where the hair still stands, I agreed.

    Which is why I now have a neckline parallel with my sideburns.

    Ah well, next year I'll go to Morrison's...
  2. excellent. A wife with a sense of humour. Where do they issue those? :lol:
  3. They don't. You have to beat it into them....... :evil:

  4. ..cue coffee over monitor sydrome..:lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Tmw - :lol: love the hoover idea. Lucky she didn't decide to get your 'nads to parallel your sidies.

    Never trust anything that can bleed for at least a week and still go shopping.
  7. Made me chuckle......... brilliant ! Did she hoover your hair up with her new vacumn?
  8. As Mrs TMW is at the moment 200 miles away with the rugrats and her credit card, I'm just hoping and praying that she feels I have been punished enough.

    Who am I kidding?