Never trust the wife

Yesterday, as a little valentines joke, I bought a Tescos Value box of chocs and my tame IT geek made up a Tesco Value card to go with it. This was presented to wifey as I left for work. As an extra sickener, I then came back to the door with a parcel saying, " Actually I got you this darling". Wifey then happily unwrapped what turned out to be a Tesco Value handheld vacuum cleaner (Top value at £7.99). Cue me running away giggling and wifey snarling and laughing at the same time.

Knowing she was out at lunchtime, I nipped home, and left her a rose in a vase, a tin of nice chocs and a proper card (all from WAITROSE), with "GOTCHA" written on the envelope. She rang me about 4pm, saying thanks etc, what time are you home? Well, I said, I need to get a haircut so I'll be a little late. don't bother, I'll do it she volunteered. As my hair cut of choice is a No2 all over where the hair still stands, I agreed.

Which is why I now have a neckline parallel with my sideburns.

Ah well, next year I'll go to Morrison's...
excellent. A wife with a sense of humour. Where do they issue those? :lol:
..cue coffee over monitor sydrome..:lol: :lol: :lol:
Tmw - :lol: love the hoover idea. Lucky she didn't decide to get your 'nads to parallel your sidies.

Never trust anything that can bleed for at least a week and still go shopping.
As Mrs TMW is at the moment 200 miles away with the rugrats and her credit card, I'm just hoping and praying that she feels I have been punished enough.

Who am I kidding?
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